Month: July 2012

Urban Infrastructure

Important to stand out that in this period of 10 years the city hall already spent R$11,3 Billions, that is, it had surpassed in R$ 100 million the initial debt. This escape of resources brought disastrous consequncias for the municipal administration therefore the other governmental areas removed precious resources of all as: Public health, Education, Transports, Urban Infrastructure, Habitation, etc. All these areas present serious deficiencies in the attendance the population and unhappyly they had had of being neglected by the payment of the public debt with its high interests. Studies of the Secretariat of Finances of the city of So Paulo disclose that only with the change in the financing conditions, as the use of other indices of monetary update as the IPCA (Index of Prices to the Ample Consumer) or of course raised tax SELIC, they would reduce the sum of the debt in some billions of Reals. In the case of the IPCA, kept the same tax of interests of 9% to the year, would have reduction of R$ 19 Billion. Already for tax SELIC, the economy it would arrive the R$ 12 Billion.

The main problem happened of this situation is that it does not have any type of quarrel gone deep on a subject that intervenes directly with the capacity of expenses of the city hall of the city of So Paulo. Per next the 20 years, about 13% to the net revenue the budget the city it will be destined to the payment of this debt and it does not have perceivable movements of the classroom politics to search a solution for this gigantic economic impediment that also affects the majority of the Brazilian cities. As all the problems of economic order that had always affected our country, the joined solution always was to transfer to the future the necessary resolutions for today. With the beginning of a new government always the possibility of quarrel of the complicated subjects resurges more as this of the debt of the cities with the federal government. However, as it can still more reduce already the engaged budget of the Union, it has of if waiting to see if really we will have serious debates and that they bring benefits for the wronged greaters with this situation: The population of the city of So Paulo and for extension, for sharing of the same problems, all the Brazilian population.

Winter Wedding Photography

Strong and light feelings were never afraid of bad weather. If the marriage waiting with bated breath, nor rain, nor snow, nor Bitter cold does not become a hindrance. However, a stroll along with witnesses and friends of the city as well well as in summer, winter is unlikely. Thus, guests and the couple fall, as they say, from the ship to the ball, going straight from the registry office for the wedding table. Yes, it is difficult to rely on the original photographs at such meager program. Often the wedding albums of different pairs are very similar to one another: it is we are in the registry office, well, it's – at the banquet. Naturally, many wedding photographers do not like winter photography. To 'catch' the right light, winter will have to do: the duration of daylight is limited and the light that is often not satisfy the conditions of photography.

The weather in winter is not too happy. At relatively warm weather, rain spoil all kind of But even if the marriage fell on a clear, frosty day, hardly a bride will want to get out of a warm coat for fotoseansa in the cold. But there is a great solution that will satisfy all parties. Can be done high-quality photos without sacrificing health. In Moscow, there are many kinds of smart, worthy to be etched on your wedding photos.

They are most well reflect the spirit of our time. Where is better to go to the newlyweds after registration in the registry office? If the window to set the temperature well below zero, it is necessary to cancel a trip to the Sparrow Hills, and other long walks outdoors. However, in the capital, there are some places that can provide a wonderful panorama, even in the cold. Covered Bridge 'Bagration' – one of them. The yield on two-level bridge is possible with Kutuzov Avenue. Here, at the same time warm and beautiful. Of course, great importance is a good lit room. The observation deck on the second level will provide open-air, and a sculpture by Ernst Unknown 'tree of life' inside the building is a symbol of a long and happy life for the newlyweds. In the New Year's Bridge decked no worse than the holiday tree. If a sudden thaw, you can walk on air. But should certainly take care of themselves. Necessarily need to wear winter shoes, the bride dressed in a warm cloak, many models which affect the beauty. Irrelevant things disguise skill photographer. Stroll through the bridge Andreyevsky. Ship of two decks – that's what associations it calls to their views. C bridge seen the Kremlin, Moscow State University, Church of Christ Savior, Tower and St. Andrew's Convent. A species of the ancient Kremlin and the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge will add to this treasury. Professional wedding photographer can tell a lot of places for wedding photography. The main thing – do not lose your head and you will definitely come up, where do the original photo. For example, you can visit the Museum of Garden Furniture, or the Hermitage.

Diagnosis Of Cancer And Methods Of Elimination

New cancer detection technology is the result of the research team that developed the unique optoelectronic technology to detect cancer cells. The technology detects the presence of telomerase, an enzyme active in cancer cells, which is considered a general marker for different types of cancer. Technology of the basis for a joint venture involving the University and the Australian Yissum company. Diagnostic kit for detecting cancer cells in urine samples is currently under development and diagnostics for colon cancer and leukemia in stool and blood. When the chemically modified magnetic particles are brought into contact with samples of cancerous cells, telomerase affects the magnetic particles of bioprocesses as well as cancer cells. (Source: Dr. Mark J Berger).

This increase in the magnetic particles of nucleic acids, called telomeres. In this case, however, the base of chemically modified nucleotides incorporated into telomeres. Modified magnetic particles separately from the cancer cells, as well as inclusion to bind a second enzyme, which leads to formation of light in the system. When this happens, it's a sign that the particles detected cancer. The method has high sensitivity, which indicates the presence of even a small amount of cancer cells in pathological samples.

It is used successfully to detect cancer in the body. New advances in the fight against cancer by Israeli scientists. One of them is a new method for cancer diagnosis using opto-electronic technology for the detection of low concentrations of cancer cells. Another new treatment method that uses the resources of their own immune system in response to the cancer as if it were a virus.

The PC Muscle And Sexuality, Sexology

The PC muscle (pubo-coccyges) article on the PC muscle or muscle of love. Keeping this muscle in shape is crucial for sexual and general health. Pubo-coccyges muscle commonly called PC muscle is a muscle that runs from the tailbone to the pubic bone and shaped like a hammock (see graph). This muscle has three main functions: to control urine flow, pump blood to the penis during sex and contract during orgasm for males and females. In women, the PC is the muscle that pushes the baby during delivery. How to identify the PC muscle are two simple ways to identify the PC muscle.

The first is to cut the flow of urine several times, the muscle that contracts and relaxes, is the PC muscle. Another way to identify it during an erection. Tighten your pelvic muscles until you see your penis up and down as the muscle contracts and relaxes. If you are a woman, like man can identify the PC muscle by cutting off the flow while urinating. Another way is identified by entering the ring finger to first knuckle into her vagina, tighten the PC muscle and you will see how this squeeze your finger. PC muscle fitness. While most people ignore this fact, exercise and maintain the PC muscle in shape is crucial not only for sexual health (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation) but also prevents other serious physical problems.

Benefits for men: A man with a toned PC muscle will get erections stronger and safer and better control over. Other significant problems that can prevent a PC muscle as is urinary incontinence (problems with involuntary urine loss) and prostate problems in later years. Benefits for women: In women, a developed PC muscle helps keep the baby in the correct position during the pregnancy and expulsion during delivery. It also prevents prolapse (displacement) of the pelvic organs such as uterus may fall or move from place. Muscle exercises PC. To avoid all these problems, there are what are called a ejacutlation Kegel mentioned by Dr. Arnold Kegel (1894a “1981) who was the one who discovered the qualities to make voluntary contractions of those muscles to improve your fitness.

Third generation

Third generation in 2003 made their appearance in Pok mon Ruby and Sapphire for Game Boy Advance. In these new ions is a new region called Hoenn, and 135 new species of Pok mon, raising total to 386 pok mon. It has incorporated the concept of team battles 2 vs 2, pok mon contests and Pok block (Pok cubos in Spain) and new skills. In October 2004, went on sale Pok mon FireRed and LeafGreen, to be a remake of the first game, Pok monRed and Blue. The game is part of the third generation since the movements of the pok mon, objects and other features have been incorporated. In 2005 was released Pok mon Emerald. Unlike Ruby and Sapphire, Pok mon Emerald is possible in the two teams meet existing enemies (the Team Aqua and Team Magma), and new challenges as the Battle of Frontier (Battle Frontier).

Decrease Due To Running And Jogging

Obesity is a worldwide phenomenon that appears in all industrialized nations and causes major health and economic damage. Due to unbalanced diet and lack of exercise, many people tend to obesity. To decrease the issue has evolved over time created a veritable industry. Hardly a journal has not been advertised with a diet or treatment for weight loss. Numerous tools for weight loss miracle pills and are offered daily on television. Most of them have, if anything, only a small effect. On the contrary, some diet pill or even has harmful consequences for consumers. Many consumers want a miracle program with which it is easily possible to melt the extra pounds just then. How easy it is unfortunately not possible. Go to Dr. Howard Beede for more information. Who ignores the time, due to lack of exercise or lavish meals, has trained to obesity, may decrease successfulonly on a road again. Store Great GermanMail-order sports, and a balanced diet will work wonders here. In general, any physical activity is recommended. Nevertheless, weight loss through running, unlike other sports, crucial advantages. Jogging is a beginner-friendly sport. Running and jogging is so that every person, even from earliest childhood. The necessary equipment has been limited. T satisfy-shirt, shorts and a couple of decent running shoes to announce the obesity battle. Jogging can always and everywhere, whether in the forest, river, or on country lanes in the city. Hardly any other sport is so much tied to one place. An individual training plan for jogging and a training target are quickly created and worked out. As a beginner, it is critical not jog too fast. Racing in the future, maybe even fun, so you can take the long term with the jogging.

Multiples Crisis

In the middle of this month – December of 2008- the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon offered his press conference of year end. Which was its report? What can be hoped for the next year? Although each that we are about to begin a new year we made an effort for being positive and to maintain an optimistic point of view with respect to the future, they emphasize the words of the present Secretary General with respect to the 2008, that is to say, ” I have called it the year of multiple crises and the next one will not be less difficult. Our commitment and good intentions will be proven like never antes” , it commented. Why it said this? By the prevailing situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur, Zimbabwe and Somalia specifically. What happens in these places? Vmonos by parts, one by one. Afghanistan. With respect to this country They go emphasized the urgency of a change of Political Directorate because the humanitarian situation goes of evil in worse and more and more the attacks break out again and increase of insurgents. Iraq.

In order to begin, the world-wide population in its majority, we are abreast of the situation of chaos and insecurity that is lived there. Although the holder of the UN recognized that the security has improved throughout the present year, yes exhorted the leaders of the country to work united with ” reconciliation spirit while they assume the total control of the subjects of his nacin”. Darfur. By the words of Ban Ki-moon with respect to the conflict in this place, we can say, lamentably, that the solution to its problems still is distant. And in agreement with the annual report of They go this must to the confrontations and the political rivalries that the unique thing that obtains is to cause a climate of violence and insecurity for its settlers. Zimbabwe. With respect to this African nation the UN anticipates a very dark panorama in the next year because the country is outlined towards an economic collapse, social and political.

Somalia. Ban Ki-moon declared that already measures for the conformation are taken from one force of multinational peace, although at the moment has been no a positive answer on the part of some nations before the clear situation of anarchy that lives the country. In view of the previous thing, we include/understand better why of the following words of the Secretary General of the UN: The 2008 were a difficult year and the 2009 provide majors challenges.


Beauty, aesthetic and surgeries strong are emphasized in the culture contemporary. The standard of Socially acceptable beauty is taking practises it disorderedly to the people aesthetic as: Compulsory surgeries, plastic and diets, in the attempt to reach the beauty standards taxes for the society. Historically the image is concentrated with the beauty, the health and youth. With this perception of beauty the current image of the body invaded the dimensions that are losing the control. Unsatisfied adolescents, men, women with its ' ' eu' ' they finish not measuring efforts to any cost for the pleasure to have a sarado body. But in the social visibility fashion became to appeal to the surgeries to decide its problems.

Without concern to the inherent risks the plastic surgeries. The body model, today, reverenciado for the society is practically unattachable for the majority of the young. Fact this that this making with that they search, of the night pro harmful day, ways to arrive in this ' ' body ideal' '. The example is the increase of ingestion of drugs that speed up the severe reduction of weight and diets. From there it comes the alimentary upheavals, as bulimia and anorexy. The young is blind and alone they enxergam ' ' body perfeito' ' tax for the media. Many times are in IMC (Index of corporal mass) the normal one and exactly thus find ugly fat people and. The Race for the search of the beauty imposed for the society leads not to be imported with the consequences only aiming at to the beauty, loses limits viciadamente submitting itself it surgery. Our project wants sample the people the perigos and disadvantages of surgeries and this search for the search of the beauty imposed for the society of today.