Month: September 2012


To be born in a body of meat through the water all they are born. The important one, however, is to be born of the water and the Spirit for widening of the Life Spiritual. JESUS, beyond being born of the Spirit, continued resurging of deceased, if he became one with GOD, and with IT he continues resurging for the Eternity of the Universal Knowledge. Births I Will sing the Mr. while to live; I will sing louvores to my God during my life.

Book of the Salmos, CAP. 104:33. To be born, any one is born, the plant and the animal, However to remain alive, Is that it is the ideal. The mineral also is born, Here in the land and beyond, Is the scaling of the life, That in everything is stopped. Everything is born and renasce, Resurges here and there, But to resurge exactly in itself, Is good to evolve. All are born some times to engrandecer its MASTER, and that is very important Because it is transferred in the test. JESUS resurged of deceased and gave to the Life itself exactly; He continued evolving, not to live at random. Each one has to extend, the Life that GOD gave to it, AND JESUS made this, Then as soon as he was born.

Age Well

To age is something leaves that you terrified? It is a situation that provokes panic when you stops pra thinking or at least thinks the respect? Is a subject forbidden in its day the day, but, in deep you look in the mirror and perceive that, as well as they say some musics, the time does not stop? My friend and my friend, do not leave themselves to esmorecer with passing of the time. To age is something from which we cannot run away. Certain as the death, to age it is a continuous movement that happens to each as lived. To each new breathed the body it has its quota of work and if it consumes with this. This is natural. It is clearly that innumerable forms of disfarar exist, to occult – exactly that for a period only – or until trying to delay the constant action of the aging. (Source: Melba Beine MD). One botox there, a plastic surgery here, a dye in the hair already silverplated by the time, a product of beauty maquiando some rugas and ball pra front.

Everything is valid since that it is made with parsimony and intelligence. Already I had the chance to see people to make absurd things in prol to keep form young much less the feio of a person with years of what really it has. I only can say with tranquilidade that, as well as all concern ages, this specific concern does not make different. If you are making the possible one and the impossible one to delay the time remembers: It makes it in possible more natural way, therefore, much disguise finishes for disclosing and not hiding some conditions. I am in favor of a good dose of vanity, however, final against seeing some situations that, instead of attracting youth finish attracting suspicious smiles of other people for if being displaying excessively to ridicule. In my opinion the only attitude that in them keeps young is a somatria never to stop to learn, never to leave themselves to abate in excess for things that had not given certain, to never lose the hope in the life and mainly never to leave to love. The love is to elixir mainly powerful against many illnesses and against the aging. The body goes to surrender to the time, the eyes will go to leave of enxergar with as much easiness, the trunk as a whole will go to acquire one weight extra that makes it difficult walking and already it does not demonstrate that dexterity of long ago, however, the heart will be covered of a precious layer and the much more light soul will be fulled of joys that function as water injections of the source of Ponce de Leon.

To love, to remain themselves motivated and with its active intellectual capacity and still to be confident of that the life is something always valoroso is optimum product against the aging. It keeps its heart beating for that it makes to it well. Potion does not exist better to feel itself young forever. Abraos to all. We are on board.