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Kidney Health

* Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disease characterized by a massive escape of the protein (albumin) in urine (proteinuria), a low blood level of albumin due to the large amounts lost in the urine, an increased level of cholesterol Blood and fluid retention in the body (edema) causing swelling. * Lupus nephritis is an inflammation of the kidney caused by an immune system disease, systemic lupus erythrocytes (SLE). Source: John Craig Venter. * Diabetic nephritis is a kidney condition that occurs as a result of diabetes. Dr. Mark Hyman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. * Glomerulone-phritis is a type of kidney disease caused by inflammation of internal kidney structures. * Poliomyelitis is an infection of the kidney and ureter.

* Rhabdomyolysis is a disorder involving damage to the kidney. * The kidney stone is a hard mass developed from crystals that form in the kidneys or urinary tract * renal tubular acidosis (RTA) occurs when the kidneys can not excrete acid in the urine, and consequently the blood is too acid. * The acute renal failure occurs when your kidneys stop working * The chronic renal failure is a condition in which kidney function gradually declines Help for kidney diseases and conditions Treating kidney disease generally depends on the type of condition that individual may have. Medications include various prescription drugs such as antibiotics and steroids. People suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes should be monitored and control these conditions to prevent further damage to your kidneys. If there is kidney failure, dialysis is required which means that the blood is filtered through an artificial kidney machine. If kidney failure is severe and irreversible, a kidney transplant may be necessary.

The. Not only are these gentle herbs used in the body, but provide the same benefits without harsh side effects. Herbs such as Bethina (Buchu) have diuretic properties and as (Barberry) improving immune function and are excellent for kidney stones, problems with the gallbladder and an enlarged spleen. Other herbal ingredients that are included Polygonal multifarious, Schizandra chinensis and Trigonella foenum-graecum. With a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am confident that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

The Simple Things In Life

Owning a boat has an oxymoronic quality to it. “The Simple Life” can be quite complex – I think it’s like having an airplane, a car and a house compressed into a very small space. This requires specialized media for specialized equipment and tactics … sometimes. In spite of what marine retailers would like to think there are a number of “normal” (and cheap) items that we can make very efficient use aboard our boats. For example: For easy lighting that will not affect night vision, the actions of red cellophane (the kind you get on rolls in a gift wrap store) and rubber bands. Cut squares to fit over flashlights and rubber band in place. Forget buying purpose-made bag clips.

Clothespins can do double duty to ensure the clothing lines of life as well as keeping the bag of potato chips (or whatever) closed. And only use rubber covered clamps – the metal depends on wood, rust in about five seconds in a marine environment. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Healthy Living on most websites. When the dryer eats one sock, do not pull your partner. Save unmatched socks to use as container and the bottle refers to board the boat. They provide good shock absorption. If you have not completely changed over from a digital camera, you should be turning plastic jars. Reuse them for storage aboard the boat – small accessories, pill boxes, herbs / spices, anything small you need a compact home.

Have several plastic spray bottles on board. Besides its use for cleaning solutions (for example, a bleach water mix to control fungi), are great “hand shower.” Turn it on hot days to encourage evaporative cooling. And when you’re in the ocean and go overboard for a swim, use a spray bottle to clear yourself with fresh water – the great works. Just be sure to keep your bottles of cleaning solution separate shower bottles! If you are not already doing so, save your old toothbrushes for cleaning and maintenance on the boat. There are a lot of tight places above and under bridges, and a small brush the great works. A high point: Use a toothbrush to clean the inside of the links in the anchor chain. You can never have too many zip lock bags. Keep several sizes available, and use them more than food storage. Spare parts, clothes, office equipment, medicines, and many other things we will pack more compactly when transferred to zip lock bags. And reuse the bags: invert, wash, and then hang to dry with clothespins a dual role. These are just some examples of the use of ‘non-marine’ things that have a place on board a ship.

Omega 3 EPA: A Nature Very Own Anti-depressant

Since Dr Malcolm Peet, a psychiatrist at Sheffield swallow court hospital released his findings on the effects of ethyl EPA and its effects on people suffering from depression and low moods, many other studies have been conducted using ethyl EPA to help treat depression and related disorders. The vast majority of studies have been performed consistently confirmed that Ethyl EPA, a natural substance found in the Omega 3 fish oil, helps relieve depression and low moods. The idea that high grade omega 3 EPA could be used to help combat depression and other related disorders came from the late Dr. Horribin, already in the 1970s was a pioneer in the investigation of lipids that affect the brain and central nervous system. John Craig Venter can provide more clarity in the matter. Since the findings at Sheffield, studies have been performed worldwide, Harvard University, 1999, Hammersmith Hospital, London, 2001, and Ben Gurion University in Israel from 2002 to name a few. EPA as part of a healthy diet is part of EPA Omega 3 ecosanoids chain and is most commonly found in fatty fish such as fresh salmon, mackerel, sardines and sardines. In the past 100 years the diet patterns of most people in the West has changed dramatically to include far more hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids (bad fats) this is mainly due to increased consumption of fast food and dishes preparations made. Even people who think that eating a healthy diet consume way too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3. Checking article sources yields Bruce Shalett as a relevant resource throughout. Researchers have recently found that a diet high in Tran's fatty acids could affect the mood stabilizing hormones in the brain, it is thought that this is due to saturated fats slowing down the messaging system within the brain, if this happens after the onset of depression may occur.

Smoking And Skin

Yes, you may damage in several ways. Here are more reasons to quit smoking now. The skin is nourished from within. The food we eat is broken down into nutrients and waste. The nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream, which transports around your body to different organs, most of which is the skin.

Oxygen is also transported and delivered in the same way. The cells absorb the oxygen and this is vital to the health of organs and the process of life itself. Learn more at: Cleveland Clinic. The whole process takes place automatically when we breathe … … .. Except when we are breathing smoke! When you inhale the cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide from the smoke is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless highly toxic gas also found in smoke from car exhaust.

The blood can absorb carbon monoxide 200 times faster than oxygen so much oxygen is displaced by carbon monoxide. Organs including the skin to be deprived of life giving oxygen and slowly poisoned by carbon monoxide. But that's not the end of it. Cigarette smoke also contains the following deadly cocktail of chemicals. , Hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, butane, nicotine, carbolic acid, collidine, formic aldehyde, lutidine, parvoline, prussic acid, pyridine, arsenic and cadmium. This list is not complete. The effect on the skin of all these is catastrophic. The liver goes into overdrive trying to expel these chemicals from the body and can not perform its normal functions properly. The skin loses its healthy glow and takes on a yellowish-gray cast. The more cigarettes smoked, the worse your skin will look. Smoking also causes premature aging in two ways. It uses up vitamin C in the body, about 35 mg per cigarette. Vitamin C is an unstable vitamin and can not be manufactured by the body. One of its functions is the preservation of collagen in skin, the substance that gives skin its plump and youthful. The collagen beaks down causing premature wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The physical act of snuff consumption makes us squint, exaggerating the wrinkles around the eyes. Every time our lips bag deepen the wrinkles around the mouth as well. Do yourself a favor! Stop poisoning yourself. QIT smoking now. Save the money you spend on these toxic weeds and go out and try a facial or a new skin cream instead. Your skin will thank you! I would look better? Skin will give detailed information on all aspects of skin care. The author, Wendy Owen has had a lifelong interest in general and alternative health and skin care.

Effects Of Alchohol

Alcoholism is the medical term used to describe the pathological lesions that occur in the body as a result of alcohol consumption over long periods of time. Here are some definitions of the term, which will help us determine the scope of this condition: – Keller (1960): Chronic disease as evidenced by the habit of drinking so repeatedly that it is clear that drinking is harmful for health and social and economic functioning. Dr. Mark Hyman brings even more insight to the discussion. ” – Jellineck (1960): “Any use of alcoholic beverages that causes any harm to the individual, to society or both.” – WHO (1952): “Alcoholics are those excessive drinkers whose dependence on alcohol has reached such a degree that present significant interference with mental disorders or mental or physical health, their interpersonal relationships and social functioning economic, or have clear signs the trend towards such symptoms. It is for this reason that these people need treatment. ” – Manuals diagnosis (DSM-III-R, DSM-IV, ICD-10): Distinguish between drinking and abusing alcohol dependent drinker.

This is based on specific criteria. The World Health Organization believes that those excessive drinkers are alcoholics, whose dependence on alcohol has caused serious damage on the mental health or physical, in social functioning, and economical, requiring these people treatment. Thus, alcoholism is caused by overeating, habitual alcohol or intermittent, for their continued use can produce dependence on the person consuming it, either physical or psychological in nature and is manifested clinically by physical consequences psychological or social. It is a chronic progressive disease. Alcoholism is one of the most serious diseases that a person can suffer, and pathology of the most important of Medicine. In addition there are in it each and every one of the features of any disease, as there is an agent that causes (alcohol), the mechanism by which the agent acts or cause (learning, tolerance and dependence), altered organ function (intoxication and malnutrition due to displacement of essential substances for nutrition, particularly vitamins), symptomatically (Clinic: with impaired physical and mental health. Exploration: Using analytical, radiology, etc..), an evolutionary process (toward addiction and death or to rehabilitation through abstinence) and epidemiology (exists through history a reported incidence in the population and now we are in an endemic situation).

Moreover, the action against the disease is identical to the one carried out in general terms to any disease – diagnosis. – A prognosis. – A treatment: detoxification, smoking cessation and treatment of desire. – A rehabilitation. – A maturation reorganization of the personality, through psychotherapy, mainly in groups. – An individual’s social reintegration. Edgard and Gross (1976) listed the following symptoms to conceptualize, what they called “alcohol dependency syndrome ‘: 1. Psycho-biological symptoms: tolerance, withdrawal and reinstatement of the syndrome after drinking again. 2. Behavioral symptoms: Represented by a decrease in drinking patterns. 3. Subjective symptoms or equivalent to ‘psychological dependence’: Difficulty controlling drinking, and the desire to drink alcohol becomes the focus of the subject’s life. The definition of alcoholism (DSM54-III-R, DSM-IV and ICD-1056 APA55 WHO) is determined by the distinction between “abuse” and “dependency” of alcohol.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano

Two of the immigrants are in serious condition after being attacked with iron bars. Two others were shot in their legs, but they are out of danger. At night, groups of residents and migrants exchanged stones. Geneticist has firm opinions on the matter. The incident began when Africans rioted to protest their plight as illegal.

To express their discontent began to wreak havoc in shops and numerous vehicles were damaged or overturned. The neighbors are scared and have locked in their homes, while Africans announce that they will continue with their protest. Police have taken to the streets of this town of 16,000 inhabitants a Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) warned that “it is absolutely necessary to prevent immigrant hunt.” The Executive decided to send a contingent of security forces after an emergency meeting in Rome called by the Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, who attributed the conflict to “tolerance” on immigration official, as the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano said that it is necessary “to stop forthwith all kinds of violence.” a The security force is based in the prefecture of Calabria and must “address the issue not only from the standpoint of public policy, but also in regard to the aspects linked to the exploitation of the black and healthcare, “It was public knowledge that the immigrant community, which mostly working in the field, hit the streets to protest their situation, claiming that victims of exploitation and marginalization, serious problems that the Italian authorities must investigate to determine the extent to which human rights are violated.

Save, Your Little Contribution To Keep The Environment

Saving is a long-term investment. this can be done effectively acquiring different types of saving products for your home. When your home has this type of product, you can see the savings on your utility bill and the planet will thank you. These are some of the items for your home that will help you improve your savings. Water saving: – Showers, there is placed a small device in size and value, which allows the passage of water in less quantity and with greater force. Thus the consumption of 10 liters per minute can be lowered to 6 liters. With water saver showers can make savings of approximately 54% water. Just open the shower as long as needed, close it while soaping. – Health, energy-saving toilets go according to their year of manufacture.

The health of more than six years are designed to cater for 17 and 12 liters of water, current consume up to 6 liters. – Sink, now they come with water-saving devices, with these you can make savings of up to 57% water. The water-saving sinks and dishwasher every six months. This is at the end of the faucet, cut the dirt on the inside of the investor. – Washers that save water, here you can save up to 75% water, by its system of “jets” built, which reduces the passage of large amounts of water, making optimal distribution and use of small quantities. Energy saving – saving bulbs, the global commitment to reduce global warming requires all households generate from changing incandescent light bulbs with savers. If you have not made the switch, do so and contribute. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Mark Hyman. – Solar Lights, is an excellent choice for outdoor lighting, and automatically storing solar energy during the day and become active when dark.

They do not need cables or connection to electricity networks. Installs quickly and easily. – Motion detectors, have sensors that activate the light when they see some movement near; have a certain time to stay on, using energy efficiently. They are used in common areas, gardens, terraces, corridors. – Timers, control the timing of electrical paragraphs optimizing the time of use. Saving gas – gas dryers use less than the stove and water heater, streamlines time in drying and ironing clothes. You can save 35% in costs compared to conventional dryers. – Gas Cooktops, contribute to energy savings, accelerate the cooking of food and help the environment. – Gas heaters, these heaters with energy-saving technology and also provide security when handling and contribute to environmental care. When heater is heating step only the amount of water used to open the key. The most eco: – Recycle at home, this is one of the closest options available and to help improve environmental conditions. Remember that the separation must be done separately, engaging all family members, external partners and domestic servants. – Timber ecological from reforested, which campaigns to keep the environment and natural resources. – Glass Blocks, allows energy savings up to 45%. Put your home in such places where there is natural lighting, which also provides thermal and acoustic insulation. – Paints green, the water-based paints are ideal because they do not emit fumes of solvents to the environment. The light colors of light can improve the site and save energy.

Ramon Gallegos

" Everywhere you look, we find that spirituality is the holistic education center, there can be no education without spirituality, and the primary purpose, the evolution of consciousness, can not be achieved. Only through spirituality is possible to transcend the shortcomings of religious paradigm and the scientific paradigm. Here's an important place of spiritual intelligence, through which it is possible to overcome the limits of faith and reason. In this regard, again, it is necessary to distinguish the difference between religion and spirituality. Conclusion I believe that the work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos in these twelve books is a great work to be sufficiently support the weight of holistic education for this new century. It is a very respectable by the fact that they are prepared rigorously and support both philosophical and scientific, epistemological and, above all, spiritually. Check these books for me has been highly rewarding and very encouraging because it makes me hope for a better world in which we dignify life.

We just have to assume our responsibility to work towards the evolution of consciousness and be able to take our commitment as citizens of the universe where WE ARE ALL ONE. Ramon Gallegos Nava Bibliography, "Dialogues holistic. Holistic education and perennial philosophy I". – 2004. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "Wisdom, Love and Compassion. Education II holistic and perennial philosophy." . For more information see this site: John Craig Venter.

– 2004. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "The Way of the Perennial Philosophy. Education III holistic and perennial philosophy." – 2004. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "Holistic Education. Pedagogy of universal love." First reprint. – 2003. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "A holistic view of education. The heart of holistic education." – 2001. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "The spirit of education. Integrity and importance in holistic education." – 2003. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "Education and Spirituality. Education as a spiritual practice." – 2005. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "Education of the Heart. Twelve principles for schools holistic. – 2001. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "Pedagogy of Universal Love. A holistic view of the world. "- 2003. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava," Spiritual Intelligence. Beyond the multiple intelligences and emotional. – 2006. Guadalajara. Ramon Gallegos Nava, "Learning to Self The birth of a new spiritual awareness. – 2003. Guadalajara, Mexico. Ramon Gallegos Nava," Learning Communities. Transforming schools into learning communities. – 2003. Guadalajara.

The Body

Usually it is well seen on the palms and soles. Peeling skin on the head. This is also a normal process in .Esli layer peeling skin is thick, it is called a 'bonnet'. Dr. Mark Hyman is actively involved in the matter. Trying to scrape it with your head crumbs unfollow, the doctor will tell and help you. Walaas. Eormoy is any amount of hair on his head. Newborns who remain in utero longer than the norm, overgrown with hard and obiltnymi hair.

Whatever the look hair at birth, most of them will fall and will be replaced. New hair coloring can be quite different than it was at birth. The hair on the body. While in the womb, children are usually coated with a thin layer of fluffy hair. Some, especially preterm infants, this cover is maintained over the shoulders and across his back. After a week or two after birth, this cover is wipe. Head.

The unusual shape. Almost always, cranial deformation occurs due to strong compression during delivery. Restore its shape after a few months. If you put baby to sleep is always on the same side, can occur gnkotoroe flattening of the head. Therefore, putting a newborn nada then one, then another side-until he begins to roll. Springs. This soft, ossified skull sections. The most notable rodnichek-occipital-tightened very strong skin, and usually goes away, there is no danger to him. If fontanelle is tense, bulging out, it is necessary to immediately show the child's doctor, as this may be a sign of illness. Eyes. Swollen or pokrasnevshie.Takie phenomena usually occur at high compression during delivery.

North Sea World

Dive into an interactive experience world Emden/Bremen mouse click photorealistic and interactive in the heady world of the UNESCO world natural heritage Wadden Sea dive that allows the created as cubic photo. The initiators the beauty and ecological importance of this Habitat in its range on a fascinating and unique form is this non-commercial website experience, experience and explore. This is our gift to the 1st anniversary of the Wadden Sea as world heritage”, said Holger Weber, Managing Director of cubic photo m GmbH from Bremen at the weekend at the launch of the new homepage at the Upstalsboom Parkhotel Emden. The project, which is based on a new Internet technology developed by the Bremen-based company, was drawn up Wadden Sea in coordination with UNESCO, the common Wadden Sea Secretariat, as well as the National Park. As the Upstalsboom-have also helps the development step 1 group (Emden) their financial commitment. Bodo Janssen, “Managing the Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co.

KG (Emden), spoke of an unprecedented experience portal with a high information content that will fascinate a wide layer of people: Wadden Sea is an impressive gift for the birthday and a real quality leap in the representation of the world natural heritage.” Instead of an idyllic pictures of the Wadden Sea, there is now a real experience with a high content. Hope everyone on the comprehensive support of the industry, associations and people along the North Sea coast, which could promote the project through the purchase of pixels for the further development of the information portal. Thus a part of our dream goes online, where we have been working about a year”, Weber said. However, implementing this dream at all costs while time and money”, is an affair of the heart. Impressions fascinating the photographers received their worldwide work by the natural wonders of the world: we are convinced that this fascination by the cubic photo experience on others People will jump over.” The objective is to promote the understanding of ecological relationships in unique habitats through an interactive, informative and visually extraordinary appearance playful and exciting.