Month: May 2016

Sergei Popkov

At a concert in Novosibirsk in the summer, the 1997go Yegor Letov meets Natalia Chumakova (before they met only once at the funeral of the Yankees), which soon became the bass guitarist group, as well as his wife and faithful companion of Yegor to the last days. In the 1998th year in the group there is a new director – Sergei Popkov. Prior to that administered by the former wife of Yegor – Anna Volkova. The previous director Eugene Sins "disappears" after a round of "Russian Breakthrough" with the money. The problem of organizing concerts group whose musicians live in different cities throughout Russia from Siberia to Moscow, was that in addition to the fee, significant expenses are travel expenses. GO Tours in Russia were formed so as to binding performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg, who beat the way from Siberia and other concerts were staged in small towns.

These tours are scheduled every spring and autumn. Even in the absence of new albums, and often normal advertising and concert posters, all the cities, "Civil Defense" steadily gathering halls. The tour group were mainly in order to earn a record album, the device for the home studio, new books and records, which were purchased on their return. In the late 90s the group has matured, "the crisis ended." Wife of Constantine Rowan gets an apartment in St. Petersburg, and in 1997th year he moved there from Omsk. Jeff lives in Moscow. In concert, always GO changing composition, a solo guitarist performs a Kuzma, then Jeff.

Baltic Sea Spa

Baltic Sea pur – there there is a spa on the Baltic Sea is one of the largest Eastern seaside resorts in the District of Koobrzeg. 12 kilometres from the spa town of bad Kolberg extends there on the beautiful coast. The combination of steep and Sandy coast makes the beach so appealing. Long walks and typical beach life invite you to a relaxing stay. The place is very popular also with Spa and Wellnessurlaubern. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Mark Hyman or emailing the administrator. Spa Hotels, wellness hotels, pensions and private rooms form a rich offer, which provides the best option for every vacationer. The clean Baltic Sea air, which is nice especially for people with respiratory problems, is for every vacationer to enjoy completely free of charge. But even people without respiratory diseases feel an increase of own vitality by the iron – and iodine-containing air.

(Polish Ustronie Morskie) there is but still far more than the curative sea air East. Those who suffer from diseases of the locomotor and skeletal, holiday here like their spa. But also diseases of the circulatory system are treated here in the Spa. But not only people who already suffer from diseases, treat yourself to a break in there. Also maintain the health like to book stays on the Baltic Sea. The spa facilities of the hotel has focused entirely on the needs of the guests.

Rest, relaxation and regeneration are in the foreground of a wellness or a spa stay. Hotel Erania is a comfortable four star hotel, which offers guests absolute peace. A stay at the exclusive hotel is bookable at the moment as a special offer. The hotel has 31 rooms, all of which are equipped with Internet connection, satellite TV and minibar. Some rooms also have a safe. Half-board included in the trip price ensures the physical well-being. Of course, also a full Board can be booked for an additional fee. The spa facilities of the hotel is offered in the spacious SPA area of the House. Steam sauna, swimming pool, solarium, sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness room and Beauty salon pamper the guests. Not only the fitness room inspires sporting guests, but also the stables with 20 horses. Here, the guests carriage rides can enjoy or book riding lessons with an experienced instructor. Also, the sports Spa facilities of the hotel are complemented by different golf packages. So beginners can have closer with a golf package for beginners on the interesting sport (90,-per person). For lovers of golf, the golf package for advanced (55,-per person) is waiting. After sporting activities, the beauty treatments in the beauty Institute Dr Irena let the relaxing day Eris. The spa facilities of the beauty salon offers a hairdressing salon, a nail care Studio, a relaxation room and six treatment rooms, where various cosmetic and spa treatments take place. Fee, the hotel guests can use the spa facilities of the cosmetics Institute claims. The use of the spa area is included in the tour price. The spa facilities in the Hotel Erania can be booked as a special offer, see ../polen-erania-hotel-sonderangebot/.

Orthotics Care

Health services what are the basic health care benefits recognised by the national health system? Basic health benefits are primary health care, the specialized care, the pharmaceutical benefit, supplementary benefits and health documentation and information services. Geneticist is often mentioned in discussions such as these. What is it meant by primary care? It is the assistance provided by general practitioners, pediatricians and health facilities nursing staffs and Consultorios.En district of primary care are support services to these professionals: mental health, physiotherapy, health dental, family planning units, composed of staff with specific training which is required. What specialized care? It is the assistance provided by medical specialists in specialty centers and hospitals in all legally recognized medical and surgical specialties.They are primary care physicians who regularly valued the need for specialized care, if that is required. What is the pharmaceutical provision? It comprises the pharmaceutical specialties, effects and accessories, the magistral formulae and galenic products, as well as vaccines.It is governed by Royal Decree 63/95 and also by each autonomous community’s own rules. > What is meant by supplementary benefits? They are that pose an additional and necessary element for the achievement of a comprehensive and appropriate assistance. They include the prosthetics, medical transportation, complex diet therapy and oxygen therapy at home.

What is included in the prosthetics benefit? It includes surgical prosthesis, external prostheses, vehicles for invalids, Orthotics, special prosthesis. What is included in the medical transport? Includes the special transport of sick or injured people to a situation of urgency with vital risk or irreparable damage to the health of the affected and thus order it the optional corresponding, or physical impossibility of the person concerned or other medical causes that prevent the patient using a regular means of transport to move to a health centre or to your home after receiving the corresponding health care. What is the diet of complex therapy? They are treatments that indicates the specialist for some metabolic disorders.

Medical Spa

In a reductive medical SPA the objective is the reduction of localized in certain areas of the body fat, as well as combat cellulite and reaffirm tissues, technologies like ultrasound or RF are regularly used. Therapeutic ultrasound is a method that stimulates the subcutaneous tissues (the tissues that are just below the surface of the skin), using sound waves of high frequency, this promotes the Elimination of localized fat and improves the appearance of skin. Reductive gel used in the SPA facilitates the action of the sound waves and helps combat cellulite, also reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Of radio waves radiate a high and effective heat energy, activate collagen tissue and enter the deep layers of skin in order to beautify the skin quickly. The radiofrequency stimulates the formation again colagenoen skin and subcutaneous tissue thus generating greater tone and reduce flaccidity, furthermore centimeters are lost by the expulsion of liquids and rupture fat cells.

The radio frequency is indicated for: localized fat and corporal reaffirmation reduction reduce cellulite toning the skin reduce the appearance of stretch marks between the multiple benefits of a reductive medical SPA treatment, is reduce centimeters in the treated area, i.e. you can reduce 2 to 4 sizes by area depending on the number of sessions. Reductive massages medical SPA are the ideal complement for who has a proper diet, exercise and take plenty of fluids, since it helps eliminate fat and toxins. The areas to be treated can be abdomen, legs, arms, calves, buttocks and chest. The results may be seen from the first sessions, and there is no rebound, since fat is removed through urine and sweat. Sessions in a reductive SPA usually are accompanied by music therapy and aromatherapy allows it the patient relax and enjoy of the procedure.

Find out more about the reductive massages at this link.

BNI Connects Upper Austria

The Organization for professional business recommendations, the BNI (business network international) ‘netzwerkt’ now also in Upper Austria and takes off with their BNI chapter. This chapter Donauwelle”, was founded in January 2012 and transformed the hotel Steigenberger winter harbour to the top business meeting since once a week in Linz. The annual BNI chapter intended mainly for business recommendations therefore the business card Exchange, as well as regular short presentations of the participants are a fixture at every meeting. Dr. Mark Hyman will not settle for partial explanations. Of course confined to these meetings not only Linz but also occur in other regions of Upper Austria, Steyr and WELS. Business success thanks to networking that is network organization BNI worldwide since 1985, and since 2004 in Austria and provides a professional environment in which local companies regularly come together and support each other. BNI promotes not only the growth of the business, are also personally at the regular New business skills developed Exchange with other participants. What is special about BNI is, that only one person absorbed per industry requirement is that for each person up to 40 seller work. The BNI is today in more than 39 countries with over 139,000 members, a considerable number. This success is certainly a certain commitment of members, as well as an understanding of the philosophy of BNI who gives to win”at. “Sure the right motivation to be successful also in the future network to” some help but never hurts.

Meditation and Relaxation

Sometimes people spend one or two minutes to think of something that she would like to see or something, but those 2 or 3 minutes is insufficient because only occupy a minimum percentage of the total 10,000 thoughts are mostly negative, or are intended to continue to have a reality that already is. It is important to align the energy of your body to a higher level of consciousness and to do this will allow you more harmonious thoughts quickly and change at least 5,000 of your thoughts for others who are old more positive and create your new reality. Read more from John Craig Venter to gain a more clear picture of the situation. You can align your body energy with higher levels through the activation of your chakras or energy centers. It is also advisable to meditation or relaxation exercises, it helps your emotions are calmer and in doing so the vibration of your body is automatically raised, however stressful situations make the energy of your body down. Another way to raise the vibration of your body is to take a series of questions during the day. The following questions will make you see reality in a different way: Is this really going affect me as much as I believe or I'm just exaggerating? Is there any way I can stop thinking about this and pretend it does not exist? "If I keep thinking the same thing as my life will be tomorrow? How would you prefer to feel at the moment and I should do to feel well? Tip # 2 Focus on what you want to store a few minutes every day to think about what you want to create.

Muritz National Park

The appeal of empty landscapes in the Muritz National Park in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the land Fleesensee is according to own Germany’s largest holiday resort”. Various tour operators have joined forces and set up a community project. The travel portal reported what vacationers there everything can experience. Within the resorts, visitors can expect numerous facilities. In addition to various resorts and holiday homes, there are several golf courses and a 6,000 square-foot spa with extensive wellness facilities in the land Fleesensee. Here, visitors can book even a part of the bath itself recently. A special highlight in the land Fleesensee is likely be the Radisson Blu resort Schloss Fleesensee.

This is a real Castle Hotel, the tourists on the downright nostalgic tour of castles to visit. Yet on the tour not only locks are to discover: above all, visitors can enjoy the charm of the deserted landscape. The Route quite deliberately small dirt roads and side roads through the countryside to the land Fleesensee. The special thing about the tour is that the participants learn in the truest sense of the word with the Trabi. Convoys of several Trabis have become rare even here and always provide sensation. Total hundred Trabis in various versions for visitors are available at three locations. Since Trabi is but not so simple, of course a briefing takes place before departure. Because know probably no more than slightly older semester Blipping and bar circuit. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Nick Troubetzkoy

The term "Balkan language union" coined by Nick Troubetzkoy. And in 1958 in his work, Alexander Rosetti (Romanian linguist) argued that the similarity of the languages of the Balkans is quite large and can combine languages into one group. His colleague, Theodore Kapidan in his studies came to an even more meaningful conclusions. Further details can be found at Dr. Mark Hyman, an internet resource. He proclaimed that Languages Balkan groups have a common basis. In the Balkan distinguish languages spoken directly to the Balkans, and the languages that are part of the Balkan linguistic union. In Russia, the study of Balkan languages involved in TV Tsyv'yan, which argued that the Balkan languages have a common grammar, and different sets of vocabulary. At the end of the last century, AN Sobolev in his work pointed out that signs of word formation in the dialects Balkan languages groups are unevenly distributed, as well as the fact that their system varies, and there is no systemic features in their full kit.

He developed a division of the Balkan languages into two groups: the eastern or the Bulgarian-Greek group and Western and Serbian-Albanian-Macedonian-aromunsko group. To date, there is a development project entitled "Small dialectological atlas of the Balkan languages, which is based on information about the Balkan language union. The composition of the Balkan linguistic union includes languages from different branches of the Indo-European language family. Thus, the Albanian language belongs to a group of Albanian language, Greek – the Greek group, Romanian, istrorumynsky, aromunsky and Meglena-Romanian are Romance, Romany language – to the Indo-Aryan group, and the Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Macedonian languages are part of the Slavic group. .


The difference between developing muscular mass in greater proportion or simply to maintain it in minimum levels, is in the capacity to harness your metabolic surroundings. And you already know that to a large extent this depends on two hormones: the testosterone and the hormone of growth. Since I have reiterated in different articles and videos, I have never tried to foment the use of metabolisms. Simply we tried to offer information to the people who know little on the subject and decide by own means to use these medicines. Of such form that if you look for to win the possible maximum of muscular mass and you are not in favor of the external aid, then it centers all efforts in lifting your metabolic approach of natural way. In the long run it is far better going to be for your less risky health and! But; as I can harness my anabolism naturally? I fodder that this is one of the questions but asked for by any athlete who wants to increase his muscular. The essential part to increase your index metabolic, thus seems basic, is to analyze your training and nutrition.

You must asegurarte that these two factors well are structured to harness their construction action. We must remember always that the testosterone and the hormone of growth are affected by the physical exercise, as far as its duration like in its intensity. The intense training and of short duration lifts the secretion of both, whereas the effort does not exceed the 60 minutes at the most. The hormone of the growth emits its greater impulse of liberation between the hour, and hour and a half after the dream, for that reason also he is recommendable, to realise a diurnal siesta to duplicate the natural secretion of the growth hormone. The foods also can affect the hormonal surroundings, for example the carbohydrate ingestion lifts the insulin secretion, whereas the one of proteins it favors for the testosterone. Then, it realises five or six meals throughout the day in short intervals, for example every three hours. This doubtlessly is going to affect your hormonal surroundings favorably. In general, these are the points that you must evaluate constantly to maintain your levels in the possible, clear maximum that we could enter amount of details as far as training and feeding; but we will approach that it in later articles.

Holidaymakers Again

Full of pride and joy, family Reischl from the Reischlhof in Wegscheid could honor holiday regulars again. In the market town of Wegscheid there were again many honours in the Wellnesshotel Reischlhof. Hotel in the Bavarian Forest leads the guests especially the many attractions, as well as the atmosphere again and again and every season in the superior. 2nd Mayor conveyed the thanks of the market town of Wegscheid at the guests and not least, family Reischl, dedicated to the guests with all possible amenities. The conversion of the Reischlhofs this year is the icing on the cake and does another for the well-being of the guests. The Reischlhof is thus for Wegscheid line and the entire Bayer. Forest become a showpiece. Honored was for 40 times holiday in the Reischlhof Marianne and Franz-Josef Gabrail Seligenstadt, Rita and Klaus-Jurgen Berndt from Seligenstadt for 25 times, holidays, as well as Nadine, Jochen and Lorena Habib from smooth and Evelyne and Uwe Schulz from Munich for 5 times holiday.

In the With Tourism Office Director Sieglinde Stockinger, the guests told conversation that they were aware about a television program on the Reischlhof and in the Reischlhof make vacation since then annually once or twice. Family Gabrail has since then come to distinct seasons towards Wegscheid and has experienced almost all reconstruction measures in the Reischlhof. Each season, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, has its special charms. This makes the Bayer. Forest so interesting. Guests mainly family Reischl for the family atmosphere, the House for a wonderful ambience, the staff for excellent service and friendliness, but also the market town gave much praise after Sun and Breitenberg Wegscheid for the clean, well-signposted hiking trails and the well groomed cross-country ski runs connected. The guests of the numerous excursion possibilities are thrilled to Passau, Austria, esky Krumlov, but also on the Rannasee, in the whitewater Valley Barnloch or tower Friedrichsberg. All the guests confirm that they will operate a referral marketing and over the years have brought numerous friends and relatives in the Reischlhof. Insofar as it permits the health, the guests want to celebrate the next ceremony in the Reischlhof like in 5 years. It all have launched!