Just as only client’s interests to the fore. The fee agreed upon directly with the customers of the consultant. Open and honest. Kokot is experiencing the benefits that a customer can achieve with the honorary advice, daily: our customers can achieve a two per cent higher return for example, when a unit-linked pension insurance in the form of a real net tariff by cost optimization. A 35th customer saving for 30 years, this can make for performing better flow of approx. 50,000.” In any case, the customer through the qualitative consulting services saves money, because the consultants can recommend him a suitable product without conflict of interest with their own wallets.

And that it should be. In Germany, only a few consultants offer net rates for direct fee. In Scandinavia, however, other allowances are no longer allowed. Increasing interest in the honorary consulting can confirm Kokot: is the percentage of our customers who opt for the fee advice significantly increased.” Complaints about a bad advice has not heard so far Kokot. Bad recommendations are also not in there with the new model, finally, we want to build a sustainable customer relationship and support our customers in the long term.

Only after a top consulting, the customer accepts the fee, which is not hidden in savings premiums, but showed him black and white.” Cost check brings clarity and safety for all consumers who have already retirement, savings and investment products, the consultancy offered a cost-check. A mathematical financial cost report is created in the context of a detailed cost audit. With the help of a complex cost comparison software of honorary concept GmbH (Platform for honorary consultants), all hidden and open cost are filtered out and killed on the individual terms of the contracts. The cost check for all consumers who have designed their pension Commission rates of banks and insurance companies is strongly recommended. In this way everyone gets the full cost transparency, which he already should have had before the conclusion of the contract. But the final security on the right horse is even more essential to have.