Month: July 2020

Shamanism Healing

Powerful encounters with Peru’s most significant shaman Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez holds the highest rank in the Peruvian healer and shaman tradition and directs his Healing Center in the Amazon with great success. There, he realized his vision with passion and integrity. If the master shaman confirmed people to take responsibility for their own health, for many this is the first crucial step to deeper healing, strength and joy. Shamanic vision quest and healing groups who visit him in his healing oasis in Peru, are deeply moved by the strength and devotion with which Don Agustin promotes their healing processes. With humor and lightness, this charismatic healer strengthens confidence in their own potential and self healing. Deeply connected with nature and the spiritual forces, Don Agustin uses the plant wealth of the Amazon for its cleansing rituals and healing ceremonies.

The master shaman and man Don Agustin when Don Agustin in his deeply convincing people confirmed to take responsibility for their own health, for their unique healing and development processes, then speaks and he is from the combination of a source that gives him immense personal power and clarity. At the same time he returns with open hands what he receives. A large part of his income as a shaman and healer will benefit the people of his privacy. Here, Don Agustin providing valuable assistance to help themselves. So he supports social projects, among other things, he initiated an impressive school with 1,000 pupils and 40 teachers, whose salaries he funded in part even. Group participants who visited him, are touched by the strength and clarity, with the Don Agustin promotes deepest Bewusstwerdungs and healing processes. This is also evident in the documentary film “on the road to the new dimension” by Clemens Kuby, which documented a complete cure of a liver cancer classified by traditional medicine as incurable.

Don Agustin and Dona Marlene again in Germany! After numerous deep Don Agustin and his wife Dona Marlene are touching visit, which provoked many healing processes, mid-June back in Germany. The seminar participants can experience, how closely the search according to the own life vision and deep shamanic healing are linked. The inspiring work of this wonderful shaman opens the doors to inner strength and truth, courage and zest for life. Seminar dates June 19-June 20, 2010 Gummersbach near Cologne June 23-June 24, 2010 Gummersbach near Cologne 26.06.-27.06.2010 crooked end of ICH at Cuxhaven 30.06 01.07.2010 crooked end of ICH at Cuxhaven 03.07. 04.07.2010 Kisslegg im Allgau 06.07.-07.07.2010 Kisslegg im Allgau 10.07. July 11, 2010 Gummersbach near Cologne more information under:

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing technique based on the strength of love, by laying on of hands, to transmit power, a curative therapy. It is also a Japanese word that means Universal Vital energy. Reiki is an encounter of Rei (Universal energy) and Ki (vital energy of every being). ure choices. This energy can be applied effectively, both directly to the patient at a distance. It is a harmless energy, without side effects, without contraindications, and is compatible with any type of treatment or therapy.

It balances the chakras and when we use it, we recover and maintain health physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; restores, improves and heals our bodies or of others, creating a State of total harmony. Therapy and the therapist Reiki does not cure, what it does is help the patient that will cure itself if desired, therapy does the patient may be with your inner self and help improve ailments, discomfort and disease. Energy cannot be manipulated. The therapist, once started, put simply hands and the energy flows in the amount and intensity that every person needs. It is not necessary to remove clothing during the session, only shoes, because energy penetrates through any tissue. Nor is it necessary to know what kind of disease you have the patient, to successfully carry out the treatment. To learn more about Reiki and initiation courses you can click here.

Alternative Healing Method

Acupuncture is one of the traditional Chinese medicine and describes pricking with a needle at acupoints, Meridian points. The first known written mention of the acupuncture method dating back to the second century before Christ, here the historian Sima Qian first mentioned the stone needles. Until then the acupuncture came to Europe it took DeBondt but still some time, so the first written evidence about the acupuncture in the writings of the Dutchman can be found from 1675. At this time also coined the term acupuncture by a Beijing Jesuit monk, composed of the Latin word of Acus “for needle and Punctura’ to trick the Chinese form of therapy. Two centuries later, they sought in the course of the modernization of China to ban the acupuncture, this failed however, because traditional medicine was practiced more and more so it was decided to integrate acupuncture with modern medicine. The aim was to convince the acupuncturists by modern medicine, but they established the acupuncture next in Chinese medicine. Since the end of the 20th century, the acupuncture more widespread in Europe and is used here more and more.

The concept behind acupuncture is based on the doctrine of yin and Yang, which came later the five elements doctrine and the doctrine of the Prime Meridian. In traditional Chinese medicine, the body is divided into about 400 acupuncture point, which are assigned to the respective meridians. To simplify this, the current model of the 12 main meridians was introduced, mirror pairs are located on both sides of the body. The representatives of de acupuncture assume that the flow of qi, the vital energy, can be influenced by piercing the needles. An acupuncture session may take between 20 and 30 minutes, the patient usually lying relaxed in this time and after previous massage up to 16 acupuncture points are punched, so again, the qi of the patient flow freely to leave. Recommended acupuncture points to the application: main acupuncture points of 1,3,5,6,8,9-supplementary 2,4,7,10 acupoints method Acupuncture is especially in chronic pain where no diagnosis is used. But acupuncture is used in respiratory diseases, sleep disorders and neurological disorders. The field, aches and pains are eased in with acupuncture, is large and varied, so that there are hardly any people who do not have access to the acupuncture as an alternative healing method, and now the cost of acupuncture by the statutory health insurance applied in individual cases.

Tooth Price

In the dental office after the gynecologist – a dentist! If your guesses about pregnancy confirmed, first, or one of the first doctors that you visit after exit from the women's consultations, should be dentist – even if you never had the teeth did not complain. In the mouth there are about 50 million bacteria, which are the main food – carbohydrates. The lack of power they obviously do not have to complain, so they multiply – the warmth and fullness – with a truly incredible rate, especially if their "owner" – a sweet tooth! And if it does not host and hostess "in an interesting position," the conditions for life in freedom and rapid breeding of germs even more. Increased appetite, usually accompanies pregnancy, contributes to consume more carbohydrates. Frequent vomiting in the first trimester may increase the acidity of saliva. Acidic environment and an excess of carbohydrates – what else would you microflora? In response to growing demand for calcium greater than usual risk of being during pregnancy and tooth enamel – a shield that protects the teeth from contact with the oral microflora. In your position slightest damage to the tooth enamel is fraught with the rapid development of dental caries: in fact the fetus is actively formed bone system, and the slightest lack of calcium in the body it begins to "leach" from the teeth and bone materi.Est another reason during pregnancy and after birth are absolutely necessary to find the time to visit the dentist (and if possible – to a specialist, periodontics). .


Therefore, inside the cage to equip water (and if you allow the size – a fountain) and carefully dose of fresh air through regulating the size of vents. In this case, is unacceptable to leave large gaps for ventilation, for example, tightly closed terrarium with a piece of glass (in this case, the clam can move the window and climb out). At the bottom, place a damp (but not wet) soil, mix it with granular activated carbon in a ratio of 6:1-7:1. For decorating terrariums make good use of pieces of limestone bizarre. Folded pile in one corner of the cage, they will provide snails not only shelter but also necessary for the construction of the shell calcium. In dwelling snails need to maintain the highest possible purity. This will reduce the risk of animal nematodes, mites and other pathogens.

Suitable room temperature (20-23 C). Place the terrarium with snails is better in the immediate vicinity of the window, but out of reach of direct sunlight. In the evening hours, usually enough room light. In the use of special lamps required. Grape snails – herbivores, eating mostly live plants, inflicting considerable damage.

Decaying vegetation is in their diet only a small part. Diet snails in captivity may be limited to fruits and vegetables, which should be added to the terrarium as eating. Mollusks have very long digestive tract and the lack of appetite are rare. Pate from snails and other dishes to breed enough to have two mature individuals. Mating occurs in early spring (in the nature – after exiting hibernation). The ritual of courtship in snails quite long. Both mollusk become the "face" to each other so that the soles of their feet touching, and stretched horizontally. At this time, they touch each other with their tentacles. For mutual stimulation of partners shoot at each other so called "love darts", is an acute calcareous formation length of about 1 cm This provokes copulation. In favorable conditions, snails may mate several times a month. The clutch of several dozen white, enclosed in a hard shell eggs with a diameter of several millimeters, the snails are placed on wet ground, often in a pre-dug deeper. If you want to keep laying, parents, in order to avoid cannibalism, it is better to transplant into another container, and in trying to ensure continuity of climate. After 3-4 weeks, depending on soil temperature, the eggs hatch the tiny snails, a kind of miniature copies of adults. They crawl quickly to the cage and begin to live an independent life. Food for the them are grated vegetables and fruits. Diet of small snails desirable maximum diversity. Under suitable feeding conditions and high humidity, snails grow quickly and become sexually mature by the year.

The Muscle

Fish should be released from the bones. In the diets of dogs, especially diet, is used mostly lean and moderately fatty fish. To lean fish (3% fat) belong pollack, pollock, walleye, cod, hake, pike. Some species of fish (Merlano, hake, pollock, saithe, haddock, and others) contain trimetilaminoksid linking to stern iron and converting it into form. As a result, dogs and cats there is a severe form of anemia, change hair color. Boiling removes the negative effect of fish. When feeding fish in their raw form should be introduced into the feed chalybeate (Ferroanemin, Ferodex, etc.). The fish is usually divided into fat and white.

White fish such as cod, haddock, flounder European, hake and halibut generally contains less than 2% fat, whereas fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, sardine, pilchard, sprat, bluefish, salmon, European, trout and eel, can contain much more fat from 5 to 18% depending on time of year or stage of maturity of fish caught. In general, white fish in its composition is very similar to lean meats. Protein quality as high as vitamins A and D are generally either absent altogether or present in very small quantities. But the muscle tissue of fish contains enough iodine, and because the bones are often consumed together with meat fish, such food is much better balanced calcium and phosphorus. Fish as fillets boneless significantly depleted in calcium and phosphorus. Meats, oily fish contains vitamins A and D, and liver of fish such as cod and halibut, are particularly rich sources of fat-soluble vitamins.

Baobab Tree

Very soon, our diet can be supplemented with a cocktail, the main component of which is the fruit of a baobab tree! This is not a fad and not chase for extraordinary! This is the very nature comes to the aid of our health and longevity! But before presenting the drink itself, Baobab-life, let's look at the baobab and its miraculous properties! Talking about the baobab tree, many researchers often recalls a famous story about Saint-Exupery Little Prince, the hero is always trying to save his tiny planet from the roots of the baobab, because of growth where it cracked and fell apart. Baobab difficult to destroy: if blame baobab tree, he can live and grow up while lying down. If all its roots are pulled out, he let novye.Esli its bark is peeled off the whole or burned, he will restore it and will live on! That is such a strong craving for life, that's such an amazing regenerative abilities in this miracle tree! In tale says nothing about, how the Prince maintained his existence. Meanwhile, as noted by the same researchers, it could quite get it from the baobab tree is necessary. He could cook for the morning coffee roasted and crushed its seeds, and they are edible raw.

Baobab fruits of pleasant taste, rich in vitamin C and calcium. Dried shell of the fruit is dry and hard – completely replaces or glass. From the ashes of burnt fruit, saturated potash, obtained an excellent soap. Extract of the powdered fruit toppings women in East Africa wash his head, and red juice contained in the roots used to make skin soft and shiny.