Month: December 2021


The trend in expanding the search and the use of energies alternatives you renewed, clean and cheap it is inexorable and imperative. Energy politics of long stated period must inhibit negative externalidades, as the pollution, and prioritize the discovery of new sources, the reduction of the consumption and the change of prodigal styles of life, with the sustainable use of the natural resources. The cleanness of the atmosphere is a task for diverse generations, and the world is delayed in its execution. Many studious scientists and believe that they will be necessary about a thousand years alone controlling the temperature of the planet, so great are the degree of impregnation of the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide can remain of five the two hundred years in the atmosphere. The system of the Land behaves as an only, autorregulador system, formed for physical, chemical, biological and human components.

Organisms, rocks of surface, ocean and atmosphere narrowly are joined as a system integrated in evolution, with the objective to keep the balance of the conditions of surface favorable to the current life. According to Lovelock, the global heating already interrupted this balance and the return point already was exceeded, since the human being is not prepared for the sustainable development, but, yes, for the sustainable withdrawal. However, one becomes necessary to find alternatives to reestablish the balance of the planet, and one of the half ones to reach this is to use the energy more efficiently, of form not to allow its entrpica degradation, but, yes, to stimulate the thermodynamic parsimony. When developing energy renewable, and non-polluting, diminishes it emission of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse, mitigating the global heating. For return of 80% of these gases they are proceeding from the burning of oil, coal and gas, and the others 20% are proceeding from the deforestation and the forest fires. About 50% of set free Co2 it is reabsorvido by the oceans, reforestations and the vegetal growth (the plants use Co2 as fertilizing).

The remain migra for atmosphere. The fsseis fuels will go to extinguish themselves of the face of the Land, but until this occurs, in a horizon that can arrive a century more than, it urges that other actions for the preservation of the species and the life are initiated. The road transport contributes with 17% of the world-wide Co2 emissions. In U.S.A., country detainer of the biggest fleet of automobiles of the world, the contribution of automotivos vehicles for the global heating arrives 20% in virtue of the high consumption of its enormous cars of luxury and of almost the inexistence of the fuel use you renewed. Homo sapiens already proved, after 5 a thousand years of civilization, that can win the challenges of the exhaustion of natural resources, illnesses and deteriorations of the environment, although, in isolated cases, as the Island of Passover, not to have been capable to make it. The great human error is to extract, of the place where it lives, energy in very superior dimensions to that of course they are disponibilizadas by the nature. This occurs since the beginning of century XIX and is an error quantitative, and not qualitative, of entrpica degradation. The time of a new idea arrived. The energy matrices of the nations will be composed for diverse sources, with migration each more intense time of dirty and finite energies for clean sources and renewed, as: aeolian, solar, biomass, geothermal, of the tides. certainly new sources will appear, deriving of the sapincia human being.


Well, now we must wait until the dream does not get better myself themselves. Do not worry! Insomnia is like tedium: she's here, only to retreat. It will remain only as long as get stronger desire for sleep. So the best way to help sleep is not to interfere with sleep, committed to it, drink it as a presentation to the cup. It is best to forget that time or even a long time to sleep, not thinking about my insomnia, about its possible consequences, etc., and frankly, and immediately surrender contents life which intrudes to us and banish sleep. Let him come, he wants to, let unravel the whole ball of ideas and affects. Rest of the world can sleep.

I give my insomnia and its hidden content for which y I have "no time" during the day. I was alone with him Since insomnia brings me a second gift – the ability to endure loneliness. Where all left me where all withdrawing into itself, forget the whole world and me, where I was all alone, to himself, lying down and I am sure that I am only able to help themselves – starting unusual, cut off a tense life. This life is often too hard to become boring, on the contrary, it is often so unexpected and striking, that in me waking up this curiosity, and often so full of meaning, that I feel like a stern school of loneliness, independence and self-control. Oh, how many people in the world who are just sleepless nights for the first time felt and understood their emotional and spiritual loneliness, but this seems so inconsolable loneliness cried to God in the heavens and found it! Because he is closest to the insomnia. Where life seems completely inconsolable, as soon as there is a consolation.

Where seemingly gibnesh in his loneliness, the easiest way to find God. And this is certainly the noblest comfort and the most valuable gift And now – the third precious gift of insomnia. In the night waking you learn to think and listen to the hidden meanings of their own unconscious and caches. And not only the grief and insults waking day, but also the errors, sins and wounds kept secret I – am. And not only them but also holy and healing rays of light of conscience. For nothing is so and so has not destined for the perception of light rays as the twilight state of gloom insomnia. Where the daylight faded and the light of consciousness where they can accumulate and increase the ability to perceive the internal rays, and where a grim picture of everyday life pining for a new, ineffable light Oh, there are so many people who only survived the sleepless nights, enlightening the benefit of any crisis of conscience and healing blessings of repentance, a lonely, bitter, reconciling remorse! Is not this precious gift? Is not it a comfort that emerged from Desolation? Tell if the cowardly people who try to avoid these gifts, and this solace and resorting to appear this morning for fear of "pale" to drugs? Insomnia has taught us courage. Courage to face of nature, to ourselves, to their own conscience. Courage to stay alone, and paying tribute to prayer. This is her final gift, and her best consolation.

Reproductive Medicine

School of the expectant mother working in each woman's advice, but may not always have a psychologist. The Clinic of Reproductive Medicine deals with pregnant women experienced a perinatal psychologist. Classes are "Mama's Schools" (Approximately 1-2 times per month) include the testing and training pregnant women in a playful way, through bodily practices, with the help of art therapy. In the first trimester (up to 12-13 weeks) on training from the woman's form adapting to her new condition. Individual or group sessions is an analysis of value orientations. Margaret and Richard Riney may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Women learn to re-prioritize. When the pregnancy will be over 12-13 weeks in the classroom to future help mothers become fully aware of the peculiarities of his condition, get used to the feeling of his own child. For the period from 25 to 40 weeks with the help of a psychologist is preparing itself for childbirth pregnant, there are trainings conscious motherhood.

Finally, after 10-12 sessions: a woman as fully as possible prepared for delivery – not only physiologically but also psychologically. She knows how to behave during labor, paying attention not only to themselves but to condition of the baby, a young mother is preparing to a successful course of the postpartum period. It does not feel any fear, he knows how to behave in one way or another possible situation, as you can with the help yourself independently, appeared baby will not take my mother by surprise – it was aware of the main features of infants, understands the psychology of the newborn, knows his basic needs, and after training for mothers not be a difficulty breast-feeding and care of the baby. Many expectant mothers choose to contact a psychologist just reproductive medicine clinics, as it is in the center of town, to school can be come along with her husband, moreover, at a convenient time – in the evening with 17 or 19 hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We are waiting for you at Chelyabinsk Ul. Sovetskaya, 38 Tel. 233-38-33, 263-51-19 e-mail:

Gallegos Nava

It should be noted in this connection that the twenty-first century schools should be more like a family than a factory, there should be a sense of home office must be based on meaningful human relationships rather than institutional bureaucracy, must be learning communities where students are basically happy to learn about their needs, interests, goals and life as we live (Gallegos Nava 2003:97) To transform schools into places where students learning to live happily, involves a real change in the formal rigor of today's schools, they must represent a real home that gives them confidence, security and above all meet a holistic educator offering them a deal with love and warmth and provide give a different meaning to the school, leading to be full human beings in cognitive, emotional but above all spiritual. Holistic education tends to maximize all the human capabilities possessed by the subject passing the academic background, however more does not mean not important to know, what you want is a balance the students in their training with a high level of integrity, fair-minded human beings to achieve, aimed at strengthening its virtues and spirituality. John Craig Venter: the source for more info. As can say that holistic education learning is not a purely cognitive, it is a social, physical, emotional, cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual, is an act fully transformer (Gallegos 2001:29) undoubtedly that educate Thus, the product of human beings it will be very different to those currently observed in our area, are subject to a higher level of consciousness, of being responsible and safe environment, be it society, nature, planet. . You may find Margaret and Richard Riney to be a useful source of information.


It is also the most versatile fuel, which are the most common wall-hung boilers and three-dimensional floor. The network of heating, running on natural gas is a true maintenance-free automatic heating system, so it does not need care and maintenance and ongoing service and the automation system of the boiler itself will maintain the established modes of use. Suddenly you have a village there is no natural gas, after it is applied on the prevalence of a system that operates on diesel. For a long work next to a heating boiler or dug in the street fuel tank size, which is required for long work at least in the continuation of a long time. Plants operating on liquid fuel, produced only in the type of floor.

Use and adjustment of the boiler on the solarium is more expensive due to fuel costs and the frequency of call care services. From the combustion of diesel soot in the furnace combustion meets regularly. Rarely purchased boilers, liquefied gas. The use of this fuel in a modest view of his great value and increased conditions security. For retrofitting the boiler from natural gas to liquid, and maybe back often enough to install only the nozzle. If you have planned to build a house in the distant place where good and did not reach convenience of a centralized water supply system, the right is another type of fuel for autonomous network engineering – this is a solid fuel.

Usually, this wood peat briquettes charcoal, and more. Of the benefits of this fuel is a complete independence and no need to use even in power. Of negative characteristics – just a short period of continuous burning without popping wood and the need to regularly release ash zone. There are more boilers are connected to electricity, but their use is quite expensive. Typically, electric heating boilers are used as aids in the appendage to the main unit. In any If the heating system in your home – a system of high risk and to avoid further problems, we must turn to the masters of his craft, positively pokazavschim themselves in this area. And then stay in your add your cottage just satisfaction.

Angina Folk Remedies

Angina – a disease of the categories of infectious-allergic, which is accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils. The causative agent of this disease is mainly hemolytic streptococcus group A. The reason for infection is transmitted airborne, the consumption of food or drink in direct contact. Angina is caused by hypothermia, usually in the colder seasons – spring and autumn. (Source: Geneticist). It is worth adding that this disease can be a manifestation of diseases such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, influenza, whooping cough, as well as certain blood diseases. Symptoms of angina are known to everyone: high body temperature (39 – 40 C), sore throat when swallowing, red mucous membrane of the throat, enlarged palatine tonsils, and sometimes, pain in the joints. Proper treatment demonstrates the result – recovery of a man in 5-7 days.

The most effective and proven by me personally popular recipes against angina: Propolis – effective remedy for angina at any stage. Use a piece of propolis size in centimeters and a good chew it after meals. To read more click here: Margaret and Richard Riney. The day before, it is desirable to eat about 5 grams of propolis. Remember that a normal propolis causes burning in the mouth numbness and weakness of the language. Maybe use it at night – should put a piece of plant on the cheek for 1 night. Nice assists the following recipe: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey in a cup of boiling water and boil the solution in for 1 minute. Cool and rinse it with broth throat 2 – 3 times a day. Or here is this: Mix 1 cup of honey with half a glass of lemon or cranberry juice.

Boil and drink it every 5 minutes to 1 teaspoon for a few days. As well as this recipe: four parts of the leaves of the medicinal sage, nettle leaves, bark, English oak, sweet flag calamus rhizome – five parts. Pour this mixture with 1 liter of water, boil for half an hour, then drain and rinse with this mixture throat with angina. In case you have not yet affected by the disease, but you feel its approach, it is recommended to chew half a lemon peel, with no eating in the for one hour. Then repeat this procedure every 3 hours. You can also suck a lemon cut into thin slices. This procedure is repeated every hour until you feel better. Lemon can be replaced with a 30% solution citric acid, and rinse their throats in an hour during the day.