6 Techniques To Develop Self-confidence

The best moments recall the moments of your life when you felt like a real winner. To recall all the details of the situation, sounds, smells, catch yourself admiring glances at a dip at the time and live again. Experience the taste of victory and a sense of overflowing pride, lock that image in mind, move it to the current situation and say to yourself: 'turned out then – and will now'. Get all the facts and insights with Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City, another great source of information. I – Hero Who would you say this incarnation of confidence? Whose image once there in your imagination? Perhaps it is the hero of some cult movie or a character from your favorite book, the famous leader or someone from your surroundings? A maybe it yourself, but without the slightest hint of timidity, indecision and doubt? Create an image of a hero in your mind, watch how he holds what his habits, he says. Implanted in this way, connect with him, you – this is it. Remember your hero before going to bed and fell asleep, tell yourself that tomorrow morning you wake up in the form of a 100% self-confident person. The next day, behave as would behave your hero. Repeat this technique throughout the week.

Exciting gesture of our body – the strongest emotional conduit. When we are afraid or anxious, it can be seen with the naked eye: our whole body is compressed, the head is drawn into the arms, shoulders descend, back slouch. But if emotions so affect our body, it is possible there is an inverse relationship? Yes, and this technique is called 'Exciting gesture. .