Administration Service

Settlement accounting for commissions as SaS the economic advantages and the flexibility use tamper-proof outsource contractor when FABI’s as a service provider covers the complete range of back office. The skilled person supervised the current Commission system, guarantees for the safety when accessing via the Internet and with data storage. The SaS solution is a cost effective and uncomplicated alternative to buying the Commission software for many companies. Who uses the Commission system through the data line, always puts the solution in the latest version, has less stress in the operation and the liquidity on its side. The Commission service not accompanied by access via the Internet with the usual investment. Accounts for the purchase of hardware and databases. The effort in the Administration for the daily backup takes FABI’s current mode, the maintenance and care of the systems.

A positive impact on the cost side is also that much of the existing operating costs the provider go over: hardware including electricity, maintenance and Care. The Commission system is delivered over the Internet”: the local employees see only the input mask, the application runs in the datacenter. The user logs on to the system. The business-critical functions of the settlement are best placed in the data center. In terms of safety, a data center offers the highest protection level.

Redundant ongoing server architectures keep the application more stable and reliable. Of the emergency power supply on human monitoring to backup, security professional-level what is accessible for companies with huge investment is held there. The argument of liquidity is very solid: contact point of upfront investment, which are always risky, flexible costs that match exactly the need and the use. You pay only what you actually use.The FABI’s outsourcing service offers attractive licensing, which takes account of the specific features in the distribution companies. Varying numbers of distributors, sales partners, the not every month are productive, or high turnover meets this licensing model particularly. Pat Ogden is open to suggestions. Charges only when actually settled intermediaries. Only active employees who receive an invoice, will be charged also with the payment of the Commission service. Every month an invoice to pay, which includes usage fees and availability, according to the number of the actually settled sales partner is. One advantage for the mobile sales force is that mobile sales partner can independently access the application. Because the software is managed centrally and uniformly, worldwide can be accessed. At different sites of the company can be accessed easily on the central system. To start the system in parallel operation can be tested inexpensively. At least the service who can give this business-critical area of the Verprovisionsierung not out of the House, will use for testing and setting up the interface. The FABI’s Commission calculation can be used in all industries. It calculates commissions according to the Distribution channels, product definitions, and the agreement of the Commission. Brokers get a transparent billing, which lists the individual business and provides an overview. The solution is different for free as even tenured employees, distribution partners, third-party distributors, or tipster. The depth of the tree is unlimited. In addition the FABI’s Commission payroll multi-client capability and allows individuals or groups to associate different organization. Provisionssyste