Amazon Bestseller Ranking

Author Jutta Schutz writes itself to the success of woman contactor is known for numerous publications and leading the best-seller ranking for years. “Suddenly with her 1 Advisor diabetes”-1st Edition she finished the first 5 places on Amazon for months and was often to be found on place 1. To know more about this subject visit Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. “” With the book low carb revolution “(ERKUSCH authors) succeeded the author again within a few weeks after publication in the bestseller list, as well as with the book low carb for professionals”: Amazon square number 4 author Schutz was born on the 02.08.1960 in Lebach, she is an author and freelance journalist. She lives with her husband, Thomas Schutz and their daughter in Hagen, Germany (NRW). Since 2008, she is a successful author and a low carb nutrition expert with experience in terms of diabetes type two.

“Since its release with the non-fiction suddenly diabetes” she considered lateral thinker with the critics. As a journalist she writes for culture network (communication platform for art, literature, (Musik, Film, Buhne, Entertainment und Medien) and for different newspapers about health issues, the end of the year 2011 by SOTT.net as the best of the Web “referred to were. This year, she has released three new works in cooperation with the author Sabine Beuke. Two of the three new releases are low carb books, which were however in this way so far still not on the book market to find it. One of these books is a low carb party”, it is for a 10 person brunch aligned with corresponding grocery list. Vegetarian dishes and baking recipes are included, as well as declarations on the subject of vegetarianism and its various forms. Finally, there are tips on nutrition and what means low carb. The second cookbook is a work with erotic and to seduce aphrodisiac Rezepten.Den partner with food is not new, but with the formula to integrate a healthy and low-carbohydrate diet, differs significantly from other conventional cookbooks.