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And his car he will not next month, and at best, two, and then, having arrived in person at his lumber. Without knowing the specifics of the business, its failure and then he begins to write off scams on nedobrosovennost partners and the like. In fact, it is not. Yes, there is a chance of running into a fraudster, who received an advance payment, just disappear, but it is present in all sectors of business, and we are not consider, as there are elementary precautions that any business should be all – still adhere. We consider the above example from the manufacturer and the influence of external factors on specific transaction.

The same example, the manufacturer has placed an ad that he sells on board four thousand rubles from their seats. Actually in this ad only that if he had today, the board will be, he did it today on 4000 rubles sell. Everything else is the desired effect to them. Please visit Ron O’Hanley if you seek more information. Timber, as is known, pilitsya from roundwood. Just like that, in future, no manufacturer will buy the round timber, cut it and store the finished board. At the same time even resorted to her classes. That never happens, this is utopia! Not experienced the same buyer by reading the announcement suggests that it is so.

This is the first real risk factor for the forestry business. So, in fact, going on at the one who posted the ad to sell? Yes it is very easy. He, advertising for sale, just know where to buy lumber and where to cut it. And there is not any difference who you are contracting for the supply, with manufacturer or agent. Just one would do everything himself, and another napryaget others. By signing the contract and received an advance payment, the supplier starts to buy round wood and saw it in size. Prepayment is required for the purchase of roundwood.