" I want to mark an era with the Athletic one and to arrive at the young people who at some time can be professional, having a good form of vida" , it added. The forward, who hopes to mark to goals for the equipment " and if eso" him " he allows to be ' pichichi' , bien" , he pointed, he does not put limits to his equipment for this season: " I do not want to put ceiling to him to the equipment. It seems to me that the illusion and the conviction that can have each player can infect to the rest of the equipment and the liking to be able to arrive very far. It does not seem to me correct to put ceiling to him. Yes there are objectives at which we want to arrive, but that will be spoken within equipo". " In the group there is a very good atmosphere, the group is very healthy, young, with many desire and mainly hunger to make history in this Spanish Liga.

We know that it is not easy, but must work hard during the season to reach ours metas" , the player added, who honored the Uruguayan Diego Forln, whose future in the Athletic one is uncertain by its possible crossing to another club. " Forln is a player of an impressive quality. If it remains is going to be for the good of the establishment, because he is one of the best ones of the world. And, later, the Athletic account with a very interesting group, in which we have all much fe" , it stood out. Falcao today had a multitudinal reception on the part of the liking in its presentation in Vicente Caldern. " I am in favor very happy by the attacks that the Athletic one delivered of Madrid to bring to me and of the happiness that the liking has demonstrated to me from the first minute, that is hug to me with fervor.