Avoid Sugar

Must fix the consequences of yesterday’s treacherous four absorption chocolates? Or do you suffer from desire to swallow or two cookies and drink a carbonated drink it? So you need to know about a diet, which 75% will set you free from sugar consumption. As you know, excess sugar may adversely affect the figure. Furthermore, the content in the blood sugar increases after eating. At this point, insulin comes into its own, reducing the its number. However, regular consumption of excess sugar can break this works fine insulin mechanism that quite naturally leads to diabetes. Of course, diabetes – it is absolutely extreme case, but would you argue with the fact that quite often, overweight, blame that sweet food, literally blocks your way to your summer and very revealing clothes? The good news is that dependent on sweet food can be overcome by adhering to a specific plan. Get more background information with materials from Celina Dubin. base.

This diet is based on the exclusion of sweets and desserts, as well as almost any sweet food such as fruit juices and dried fruit. Fortunately, This is a particularly severe period of three days. Then you eat foods with low glycemic index, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. So the rule. 1-3 days: 1) No – desserts, fruit, any the presence of sugar in drinks. 2) No juice and Diet Coke 3) Drink coffee or tea without sugar, as well as can be eaten with milk and, of course, plain water. 4) Avoid ketchup, as well as sweet and sour sauce Thai type 5) Food should consist mainly of meat, fish and eggs 6) Carbs for breakfast cereals such as undesirable 7) should be small portions 4-7 days: keeping the previous seven rules, you can add an evening dessert. They might be fruity salad, yogurt or fruit compote. For those who want to lose weight without diets and pills we recommend to get acquainted with the new method of weight loss of Dr. Tanaka.