Beautiful Places In Mexico

Come and see for yourself. Mexico is a paradise with spectacular natural beauty Mexico is a country of extraordinary beauty and rich culture, manifested in its vast natural resources, its large ethnic roots and its important archeological and colonial heritage and the many artistic and craft. In the South Pacific zone is located the state of Guerrero, where tourism stands or its archaeological sites. The climatic characteristics of the state is: warm tropical rainy seasons with dry winter and the level of rainfall is higher, from 800 to 3,400 mm ring. You can admire a remarkable mastery of tropical forests with natural vegetation: oak, palo blanco, strawberry, mangroves, palms, figs and other not to mention the desert and semi-desert. The Pacific Ocean washes the beautiful coastlines that makes particular Guerrero, with the perfect combination of the seven regions offers a wealth of natural resources where you can enjoy: One cold and high mountain, even on a hot beach, or to say the bright sun of the hot or how about the soft sea breeze. Characterized by a combination of: A variety of relief, coastline, coastal plains and valleys, to say the inland valleys of the flat terrain or why not venture out and discover the strip of land between the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur and Pacific Ocean waters better known as the coastal plains. That’s where it is one of the forgotten places of Mexico, known as the fraud is among the hot region and the limits of the Costa Grande is located in a corner of the state of Guerrero. Best known as: Jaguares in the mountains and palm trees in the bays is a beautiful challenge between the mountains and the coast … its people often call him “T hidden treasure.”.