To be born in a body of meat through the water all they are born. The important one, however, is to be born of the water and the Spirit for widening of the Life Spiritual. JESUS, beyond being born of the Spirit, continued resurging of deceased, if he became one with GOD, and with IT he continues resurging for the Eternity of the Universal Knowledge. Births I Will sing the Mr. while to live; I will sing louvores to my God during my life.

Book of the Salmos, CAP. 104:33. To be born, any one is born, the plant and the animal, However to remain alive, Is that it is the ideal. The mineral also is born, Here in the land and beyond, Is the scaling of the life, That in everything is stopped. Everything is born and renasce, Resurges here and there, But to resurge exactly in itself, Is good to evolve. All are born some times to engrandecer its MASTER, and that is very important Because it is transferred in the test. JESUS resurged of deceased and gave to the Life itself exactly; He continued evolving, not to live at random. Each one has to extend, the Life that GOD gave to it, AND JESUS made this, Then as soon as he was born.