Cart Mortgages

Most Russians do not regard bank loans as a possible way to improve living conditions, however, according to surveys conducted in 2006, the Independent Association of Russian buyers (NAP RF) 20% of respondents dissatisfied with their living conditions, and to purchase new apartments would be more than 50% of respondents. Afford such a deal (financially) can by no means all – only 10% of respondents planned to purchase a new housing in the next 3 – 5 years and only 1% of the respondents said they have the amount needed (in their opinion) to buy a new home. Note that the survey was conducted before the famous year increase in property prices. Very likely that by September 2006, even optimists have realized that at this rate of growth in house prices, to accumulate the necessary amount was just impossible. Nevertheless, to mortgage lending, which, according to state officials, should once and for all rid the people of Russia from the problems with the acquisition of new housing, the majority still applies very wary.

It is sad to realize that this wariness is due not only (and not so much!) high interest rates on mortgage loans, but also unwise policy lending banks, illiterate and unprofessional work of real estate companies serving the mortgage transaction. The reason is simple – they all want work with the new housing. What are the requirements the bank makes to housing being acquired by a national mortgage loan? Response to the surface – flat (house) must be highly liquid, in case of nonpayment of credit bank must be able to quickly and expensively to sell collateral and recover the money.