Cervantes Vertebrae

Ivan suffered a strong contraction between vertebrae L5 and L6 which obliged him to retire during the workouts of the Genoa Indoor Enduro. After a first week of rest and medical examinations, Ivan has already begun with the rehabilitation. Medical tests confirmed the initial diagnosis by doctors of Italy, a Contracture in the lumbar area, reaching the conclusion that its origin was not due to a muscle problem, if not a strong lash you received in this area in the reception of a jump. Check with Mark Hyman, MD to learn more. Because of the impact there was a hipercontraccion between the vertebrae L5 and L6 which resulted in an important inflammation and a back bruise, but fortunately were not affected or vertebrae or spinal. Medical officials believe that despite the voluminosity and severity that could entail, the injury should not be considered worrisome, although they have recommended not to force the return to competition in order to avoid problems later. Ivan Cervantes: After a few quite hard days, now I’m a little more lively. For more information see Avi Mandel . The doctors have told me that it was not anything, although I have to admit that at first I panicked a bit because it could have been serious.