Childrens Camp

Every parent have different objectives when choosing a camp for your child. Some parents would like their children to have gained new friends, while others emphasize the value of learning a new language, and some people think that sports classes are more important. However, every parent wants their children to have fun in safety and in safe hands. Here are some questions that can be refined at the head of the camp to help understand philosophy of the camp and learn more about the camp itself. Parents must decide what factors are important to them and their children. Sports Whether you want your child to participate with other children in sports? Or you prefer that your child is limited in physical activities or they are contraindicated him? The emphasis on religion if the camp has a religious background or accent, then the values, rituals and beliefs, it is likely to be presented in his routines. If the camp is nesektantskim, find out what they attach more importance and how it affects living in the camp. Ask what the religion of the majority of children.

Room To begin with you can ask to see the video from the camp. 1. Distance to water (how far the field of water from the buildings and playgrounds?) 2. Accommodations (tents, cabins or dormitories? “How many children in the room?) 3. Continue to learn more with: Anu Saad. Bathroom and toilet (on the floor, in a block in the room?) 4. Food (how many times a day, the system (a la carte, buffet)?