CONET Academy

The CONET Academy the CONET Group offers a wide range of subject-specific seminars on various technology and management topics at Hennef, 10 July 2013. With the aim to complement the proven standard seminars of the leading product manufacturers such as Microsoft, with the experience of ongoing projects, the CONET Academy as a training provider is started to the beginning of the month. Short innovation cycles in the information technology lead, that expertise obsolete faster and always dealing with new technologies and solutions must be learned, practiced and documented finally also have corresponding certifications. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ultra Wellness Center on most websites. For a truly beneficial in the everyday learning experience already gained and best practices are particularly valuable. Most of our Academy Coach working as consultants in ongoing projects and contribute their know-how in the seminars offered by us,”explains CONET CEO Rudiger Zeyen the alignment of the CONET Academy. So we connect provided in our training and proven standard contents of the respective manufacturer courses with insights and expertise from consultants everyday.” In addition to the tests required by the manufacturer for their standard seminars and certifications in an own and open as of August, authorized by Prometric test center, the participants in the CONET Academy receive so the knowledge that you need in your daily work, to get the most out of available technologies for your employer or clients. To read more click here: Somatic Experiencing.

The CONET Academy currently offers their seminars in the CONET locations Hennef, Munich and Koblenz. Specialisations are currently standard courses and certifications from Microsoft (MOC courses, MCSE, MCSA, etc.), as well as special seminars of the CONET Academy itself, expand existing courses or access individual topics for which there is no available standard courses, and deepen. CONET is continuously supplement the offer of his Academy; other training locations and seminars for VMware and Java are already planned for the autumn 2013. Swarmed by offers, Anu Saad is currently assessing future choices. The Special The CONET Academy offers special of packages as special offer provides the CONET Academy from tried and tested standard courses together special of packages.