Constraint For Patients

Dr. Tim Heise criticized the decision of the German Federal Joint Committee of the Director of profile metabolism Research Institute in Neuss, Germany, Dr. Tim Heise, criticized the design of the German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), according to the specific insulin may no longer be prescribed. The G-BA, which determines which services are taken over by the statutory health insurance, had recently submitted a draft, after which is provided, that long-acting insulin 2-diabetes Fund insured type are not reimbursed. The basis for this was the Institute for quality and efficiency (IQWiG), which stated that the more expensive insulin offer no greater benefit for the patients.

“Hypoglycaemia occurs in studies with long-acting insulin analogues significantly less frequently than with conventional insulins”, explained Dr. Heise at a lecture at the Federal press conference in Berlin, the IQWiG has corrected the results of these studies however methodically, making only very significant benefits of insulin in type Had can be detected 2 diabetics.” Dr. Heise has a good overview of the needs of diabetes sufferers, because he already for several years was in charge of hospital diabetic before establishing a profile in the clinic for metabolic diseases and nutrition of the Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf and at the Cologne St. Francis. Using the mathematical correction IQWiG have want to avoid possible distortion, so any incorrect results due to the design of the study, Dr.

Heise performs. “In principle this is a real consideration, because this, the results are quantifiable and thus scientifically evaluated”, he explains. a> describes an additional similar source. The correction procedure applied in this case was however never used and differently conceived by the inventors of the method. IQWiG have combined many small corrective measures, of which each one it hinders, to recognise the benefits of long-effective insulin analogues. “This may be important and relevant patient benefits overlooked”, admits Dr Heise keep in mind. A serious problem in the treatment of diabetes, hypoglycaemia. They occur when too much insulin the body, or if the patients have taken too little sugar. Long affecting insulin are a long time away from the body recorded as traditional, so-called Basalinsuline, have a shorter duration of action and more vary in their effect. Especially at night, therefore hypoglycaemia occur more rarely. By the current proposal for a decision of the G-BA, around 290,000 diabetics are affected in Germany apply currently already long-acting insulin analogues. Background: The profile Institute that profile was Institute for research of the metabolism of doctors, scientists and research assistants founded in 1999. Under the guidance of Managing Director Dr. Tim Heise and Dr. Bernd Kuglin, profile now 160 employees. The company based in Neuss, Germany ranks among the world’s leading research institutes in the field of diabetes. Profile metabolism Institute press contact: Zainab Kuchel Muller communication service, Olaf Ziegs, Valentina way 39, 50858 Koln,, 0221/50294648,