Cordless Radiation

Building biologist Karsten Baldermann eliminated fault zones in the household electrical and magnetic fields surrounding small actions, big impact – us always and everywhere especially in our homes. Alarm clock / radio, mobile, mobile radio transmitters, DECT home phones, even power lines, which are installed under the plaster them all radiate off around the clock in our direct living environment and cause including sleeping disorders and headaches. You can see the fields and waves, but with electro-biological methods yet clearly demonstrate and I am responsible as building biologist. Fault zones affect the well-being on the question of whether and how the electric and magnetic impulses affect human well-being, separated since always been spirits. Jacob Elordi gathered all the information. Building biologist Karsten Baldermann made the search for the answers to his profession.

He is convinced: electric and magnetic impulses, of course, have influence on the organism. Even more: Even natural fault zones, caused for example by water veins, Earth radiation, ElectroSmog, rock fractures and dislocations, influence the well-being of humans and animals. Especially if the radiation in his sleep affects us, because then the body needs actually absolute, stimulation-free rest. The 43-year old made his professional practice in Engineering Biology refers to its security. In particular the health changes in individuals after a successful rehabilitation for me are proof and incentive at the same time.

“, explains the building biologist. Eliminate smog is easy! Rehabilitation is not big structural changes Karsten Baldermann. He recommends small, targeted measures, if he is found on the rod gear ElectroSmog and Earth radiation. A large part of the burden with which we surround ourselves, is already homemade and can already be stifled by simple behaviors in the bud”, he explains. Especially the wireless technology is one of the home-made sources. I find up to four time sparking in some apartments in addition to a base station Cordless telephones. In many nurseries and Home Office Wireless LAN router shine cheerfully to himself, although a short cable as well could connect to the Internet”, he reported the two most common errors of the cardinal.