Many times we ask these two questions, and I think that both are related to each other, because to know that is the creativity you need to know is their origin. What is the source of creativity? The origin of creativity is directly related to the cerebral hemispheres. Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Each hemisphere has different functions, but they are connected between if. Between the two hemispheres, there is an inverse relationship, given that the right hemisphere is responsible for coordinating the movement of the left side of the body, whereas the left hemisphere is responsible for coordinating the movements of the right hand. The right hemisphere it is related to NONVERBAL expression, i.e.

that he thinks and relates events in the form of images. Is why scientists say people where your right hemisphere is that dominates, study, think, remember and learn through images, as if it were a film without sound and that these people are very creative and have very well developed imagination. While the left hemisphere is associated with VERBAL expression, i.e. that describes and defines the events with words. Persons that the left hemisphere is dominant, study, think, remember and learn through reading and writing and according to scientists is learning more slowly and therefore not allowed to develop creativity. These people are more studious, calmer and more traditionalists, are governed more by the routine and habit.

What is creativity? Creativity is the Act of learning to master the two cerebral hemispheres, and although each has different functions, the two are interconnected. Work which seems very difficult, but in reality is not, with a little common sense and constant exercises came to dominate them. It’s like a competition between the two hemispheres and get the best out of each one. We can start by escape the routine, change the order of furniture of the House, change the place where we sat in the classroom, change the path we took to get to work or to school, change the menu of meals; These are just a few examples. Exercise of inventiveness, inventing a history, a fable, a joke, something that even simple will lead us to achieve great things. Write down any idea that we come to the head, by far-fetched it may seem an idea, if we mature it, in a role that idea could become a great idea. Remember that great ideas surfaced at unexpected moments. The brain is a muscle and as such we must exercise it and more will exercise much better is going to work. Anyone that is your profession make it with passion, when working with passion creativity goes skin-deep, it is only that many do not realize that is there and not reach to perceive. When you’re faced with a dilemma thinks with cool head, look to your around, many times we have the solution to the reach of our hands and don’t realize it. In conclusion the creativity is a gift that we all We have, but few know how to get out.