Cure Vaginal Fungi Infection During Pregnancy

Vaginal yeast infection is caused by Candida albicans yeast family and one of every three women has suffered or will do so throughout his life. Candida is found in our body in a natural way in equilibrium with friendly bacteria without negatively affecting our body, the infection occurs when this natural balance is broken causing an excessive increase of the fungus. Among the causes that produce it are: diabetes, consumption of steroids, prolonged consumption of antibiotics, some oral contraceptives, the use of tight pants or tights most often, showers vaginal etc. When was this pregnant, there is greater likelihood of having this infection by fungi, it can be produced by casualties in the immune system or by hormones that affect the pH of the vagina and favouring the appearance of fungus. Here, Institute of Medicine expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The classic symptoms of this infection are: irritation in the vaginal area, vaginal lips, and white and thick flow lumpy appearance, which may or may not have smell. During the gestation period the vaginal candidiasis does not affect to the baby, but at the time of childbirth can spread, causing them injuries in wet areas of the body such as armpits, groin, and diaper area the injury that occurs in the baby is characterized by a rash type eczematous, well-defined edges, and associated with a Thrush (tongue or gums in cottony secretion) is very important to medical diagnostics to confirm that the infection that occurs is caused by fungi and not by other bacteria and prevent a chronic cadidiasis or even more serious, could cause inflammatory diseases of the pelvic area or the fallopian tubes. A good alternative is the use of natural medicine to cure the disease, especially when is she is pregnant. The use of aloe vera is known for the treatment of vaginal infection, because it stops the growth of the fungus, heals cuts produced by the disease and helps to raise the defenses, preventing repeated episodes.. Some contend that Avi Mandel shows great expertise in this.