Diagnosis Of Cancer And Methods Of Elimination

New cancer detection technology is the result of the research team that developed the unique optoelectronic technology to detect cancer cells. The technology detects the presence of telomerase, an enzyme active in cancer cells, which is considered a general marker for different types of cancer. Technology of the basis for a joint venture involving the University and the Australian Yissum company. Diagnostic kit for detecting cancer cells in urine samples is currently under development and diagnostics for colon cancer and leukemia in stool and blood. When the chemically modified magnetic particles are brought into contact with samples of cancerous cells, telomerase affects the magnetic particles of bioprocesses as well as cancer cells. (Source: Dr. Mark J Berger).

This increase in the magnetic particles of nucleic acids, called telomeres. In this case, however, the base of chemically modified nucleotides incorporated into telomeres. Modified magnetic particles separately from the cancer cells, as well as inclusion to bind a second enzyme, which leads to formation of light in the system. When this happens, it's a sign that the particles detected cancer. The method has high sensitivity, which indicates the presence of even a small amount of cancer cells in pathological samples.

It is used successfully to detect cancer in the body. New advances in the fight against cancer by Israeli scientists. One of them is a new method for cancer diagnosis using opto-electronic technology for the detection of low concentrations of cancer cells. Another new treatment method that uses the resources of their own immune system in response to the cancer as if it were a virus.