Diets and Weight Loss

The truth about dieting or losing weight for Dummies. See Nancy-Ann DeParle for more details and insights. One may exhaust yourself physically demanding, but the best way to lose weight – diet. So it was considered until recently, scientists have not yet proved that sit on diets are useless and even harmful to health. And the argument is very powerful – from 30 to 60% of losing weight not only returns the lost weight, but even increase it! And it is fraught with diseases of the cardiovascular system, reduced immune system and metabolic disorders. But once people have come up with a diet, then it was someone you need. Try to understand to whom and, more importantly, why. So, where to start dieting: The most ancient diet is considered the "Pythagorean diet".

On there were followers of the great philosopher. Following the example of a teacher they avoided animal products and beans, that's true to weight loss this diet had nothing to do. Her goal – to save on gas in the stomach. More ratsionalistichnym was the father of medicine Hippocrates. In his treatise "On a diet", he said that everything is bad for your health and that diet should be individualized depending on the person's age, his health, profession, place of residence and time of year. But the Roman physician Asklepiad, founder of dietetics as a science, went further.

He assured that any disease can be treated with proper diet, ie – Diet. Themselves the same diet for weight loss – an invention still quite new. Him two hundred years old. Initially, diets were only way to deal with extreme levels of obesity, and the craze began only after the Second World War, when there are new standards of female beauty. Yes, and "measure" calorie diet, scientists have come up only at the beginning of xx century.