Invitro TV is a new vestibule of fertility and techniques of attended reproduction, like for example the test-tube Fertilization. See cardiologist for more details and insights. Our objective is to approach the patients and the interested people all the possible information in relation to this exciting field. Invitro TV offers a global guide to satisfy all those doubts that can arise to the people with difficulties to obtain a pregnancy of natural form. For it, we counted on the collaboration of numerous professionals of the field of the attended Reproduction and the test-tube Fertilization that offer their knowledge to us of comprehensible and pleasant form. Our space Web is organized around five thematic areas defined (Infertility, the Present time, Invitro TV, Dictionary and Centers.) in which all those interested people can find articles, advice informative and really all the information that can in particular be useful for each case. Infertility and sterility: In this section is all the information necessary to solve those doubts that can arise before initiating treatment of test-tube Fertilization and during the same, like for example the causes of the infertility, the diagnostic tests they determine that them and the ample fan of treatments available. The present time: All the new features and the news related to the scope of the attended reproduction are published daily in this section.

Videos: This section corresponds to the section of videos of own production, in which recognized professional they respond and they clarify different questions to us that are of the interest of the patients. Dictionary: Section in which all the specific words of the scope of the attended reproduction and the test-tube fertilization are defined. Centers: listing updated of all the clinics of infertility of Spain, with its data of contact and the last published news. All these doubts and contents are shared between the users of Invitro TV by means of our community of facebook (www.facebook.com/invitrotv), that integrated by more than 1500 users is the greatest community of patients of reproduction treatments attended in facebook of the world. In her, the patients can share their experiences during the treatment, as well as set out their doubts, that they will be answered by the collaborating experts of Invitro TV. He is possible to emphasize that our maximum interest is that the contents that integrate Invitro TV are essentially divulging and helpful serve to all those pairs and women whom they try to be mothers and they have difficulties to obtain it. Author approaches: To complete articles by an equipment of Invitro TV, advice of icsi gratuitous and the ideas please visits: , a complete resource for one pregnant.