Haedo Argentinean Wins

De la Cruz Haedo wins in an injured Sprint in Haro, puts of 16. stage. A roundhouse badly indicated conditioned the arrival. Purito Rodriguez was involved in a montonera and could leave.

The transition was a chaos and brought with himself a tiny amount. The 203 kilometers between the Roman town of the Olmeda and Haro, the second longer stage of the present edition of the Return, 16. according to the route book, changed of the placid beginning and comfortable running (with an early escape of Antonio Cabello and Jesus Rosendo, Andalusia, and Fouchard, of the Cofidis) to uncomfortable and tense last years, in which Purito Rodriguez, leader of the points, was involved in a montonera fifteen kilometers of the end (by which it arrived at goal to more than eleven minutes and could leave the race), and to a end of madness because of a roundhouse, indicated well in the book of route but so badly indicated in the reality that for that reason of being the point of deflection for the cars and motorcycles that follow the race ended up conditioning the Sprint. And a substitute provided. Because those arrived from the Team Leopard currando for the Italian Daniele Bennati, Slovakian Peter Sagan walked jovencsimo (yes, the one of the Liquigas, the one that made the delights of the respectable one with its jugglings in the ascent to the Angliru) sharpening the knife to add his third stage and the great group in himself, clearly, that came sent. The cyclist separated from the Leopard, doubted between the left and the right, also confused the squad, was close the drama of another montonera and the Argentinean Juan Jose Haedo, who threw by the good side, took advantage of his inertia, its intuition and the disagreement to win in Haro, where the race did not arrive from 1966, without opposition some.