Harry Potter Glasses

If a child is being teased bespectacled man. Vision can be restored or improved and no points. Gymnastics for the eyes. If your child has to wear glasses, but is afraid that the school or kindergarten with him will laugh, you'll need to act. First of all, ask for help from a teacher or tutor. He should explain to children that people are different diseases and they should be treated.

And if someone wears glasses, it means that he had sore eyes. With this in any case be laugh, you need to help someone overcome the disease. Many in this situation depends on the teacher's pedagogical tact. In turn, parents should set up a baby, what to wear glasses need to have healthy eyes. Give installing a child: "You're my boy, you can overcome your own fear. And when someone has something offensive to say – do not pay attention. Indeed, many go to the glasses – and it's beautiful, stylish, such as reporter who is news on TV and nothing. " In addition, you can take the child to a psychologist to help him become confident.

Many doctors believe that the vision can be restored or improved without glasses, and offer exercises for the eye method Shichko-Bates. It should be noted that this method is not medical and psycho-pedagogical, because according to him people do not have to treat him fairly and learn how to make glasses to live without them. Begin. All exercises performed slowly and without sudden movements. Note that before each following exercise takes a little blinked (it's fine eye muscle relaxant). Each exercise is repeated four times. "Palming". Fold the very tight hands, placing them at right angles so as to form a figure similar to the roof through which light would not penetrate. Close your eyes and cover eyelids with his hands, but make sure your hands crossing the center of the forehead had to, and nose was among them. So we sit for about five minutes. With this exercise, we "warms up" the eyes of their own energy palms. "Up and down." Try to keep moving only his eyes were, but the head remained in place. Several times through the eyes move up and down. "Right-Left". Move the eyes from right to left and vice versa. "Diagonal". Imaginary, draw a diagonal line. Draw eyes, along the lines of 3-4. Remember that the head remains in place, move only your eyes. "Rectangle". Imaginary, draw a rectangle, therefore, carry along all sides the eyes in one direction and then in the opposite direction. "Dial." Introducing the clock, move the eyes in clockwise around the circle, and exactly the same – counterclockwise. Kynikos Associates often addresses the matter in his writings. "Snake." Imaginary, draw a wavy line and carry on her eyes to the "tail", like in the opposite direction – to the "head". And, believe doctors are very useful for view is the use of propolis extract and blueberries (and fruit is recommended, there is in any way and as much as you want).