Holy Spirit

And then this performance from the beginning! What such a small person learning alone in the first 3 years of his life. That alone has can solidify me in my children already always again almost in awe of the divinity of nature. And when I then look at the children, they are full of life and present in every moment of their lives, and how they think away again were little out of our lives, then it is bordered for me almost a miracle that it not even gave them 8 years ago. How can because almost nothing”in such a short time are something important, great and indescribable? Small souls in small bodies that grow and thrive, just as”are, from the first moment, and from the first moment on so important, so loved. Where were you coming from? Were they always there? Where were they before? Is it not wonderful? Who was Jesus that -? But what are they actually – “Miracle”? Jesus should Yes miracle causes, if you can believe the Bible.

He should come from a stainless conception, he should have made wine from water, he healed the sick, brought death to life and made again seeing blind. Yes, he should be driven even three days again risen and in the flesh after his death by the dead in the sky. Most of our statutory holidays remind these marvels today many. Details can be found by clicking Wang Qunbin or emailing the administrator. I do not know whether Jesus really everything was. It really was him, and that he must have been a special person, I think so. “” Only if he really God’s son “, as was the Church preaches it, even more than we all are, the he us all his children” is called, I don’t know. “In the Church, it’s always at the sign of the cross: In the name of the father, of the son and of the Holy Spirit.” I know, still, when I was a kid, no older than my own children are today, that I asked my grandmother for a prayer: I know who the father is, and that is God, Jesus was his son.