Know-How In The World Of Fitness

There are many ways to bring your body in order. This and various nutrition programs, facials, intense workouts. But not so long ago appeared a fundamentally new type of training – a vacuum. Here impact on the problem areas is due to cyclic changes of vacuum and positive pressure that helps to activate the metabolism of fat in the subcutaneous tissue. Mind and body are always operate on the principle of least resistance. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is actively involved in the matter. In any traditional forms of training a person begins to lose weight in those areas where it is easiest to make the body, ie, in areas where there are no obstacles to this: cheeks, neck and shoulder girdle area, Zone legs. Lose Weight in a "major problem areas" – the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, – doing traditional kinds of training, very hard.

Trainers HYPOXI by pulsed vacuum provides an intense blood flow to the bottom of body surface area. Training for HYPOXI Trainer – passive or extensive training in artificially altered climatic conditions. The pulsating vacuum to atmospheric parameters correspond to physical training at an altitude of 2 500-3 000 meters. Sports Center "Kimberley Land" in cooperation with the firm HYPOXI offers two types of vacuum training – active and passive, for which there are specially made costumes. The first – to enhance your experience impact of this method in the movement, while the latter will help to relax after an intense workout, while continuing to struggle with body fat, where it is needed.

Studies conducted by us show that already after fourteen sessions adipose tissue is significantly thinner. You can use this technique as an adjunct to training in order to accelerate fat loss. Or you can do using only vacuum training. In either case you will get a positive result. Will help you succeed qualified coaches, specially trained and certified. Information provided Fitness Club Kimberley Land