To date, most owners of country cottages waive backyard as untranslatable to any foreign language is the definition of "problem". That is, the territory is not resource of high-value agricultural product line, and, above all, time and venue for fun. However, a couple of plantings have the opportunity to save and to leave a pleasant feeling of a kind autonomy of a country house and the ability to say, always get on the table fresh spicy plants. Yet the most important thing for any of this suburban area – this is without a doubt, the landscape, which includes such fragments as a sculpture park, and besides decorative facade elements and other design techniques, which give a chance to build the house and the area around it is really outstanding. The present-day fashion trends garden design – is striving to use to decorate suburban area not only opportunities for direct living plants, their color, texture and geometry, but also to minor details.

And this ok, since artificial stone in landscape design – what they say, a basic foundation. These components are involved Western European aristocrats in xviii century, and since that time this kind of design landscaping area does not lose its relevance. Although, without a doubt, change and the styles and materials. The current landscape decor represents a significant set of themes, types of materials, accessories, which are not limited at all by anything except thought the decorator and the owner of the site. Every person has their own cottage, or leave it free to a large number of identical, even if it is this house and built on individual architectural plan, or turned into extraordinary events of interest and in terms of aesthetic, and even cultural. Who knows, perhaps it is your own house will be after a hundred years is reflected in the list of world heritage as architectural and artistic masterpiece. Directly for this reason, decorative facade elements, the embodiment of garden design and other fragments have is of paramount importance. After all, only a list of objects and methods that are used in the construction, is able to create a truly unique experience. And do not argue that the trend is changing: because the fashion for true masterpieces of art will not go away. Do not just believe that the magical creations of the past, as well as a quality wine – Year after year, just perfect. And anyone able to build a private house similar to it was added to a World ranking general cultural wealth.