Launch Of The Orthopadikum Allgau

Orthopadikum Allgau and meditrust marketing services Munich, August 25, 2008 – granted a professional marketing concept with new name, new logo and its own website, which is the result of the consulting assignment, the clinics Oberallgau to meditrust. Under the name Orthopadikum Allgau\”the new Orthopedic Center in Oberstdorf will distinguish themselves in the future even more as the focal point for high-performance medicine in all questions of orthopedics. In the first step was to find a consensus with all responsible doctors. Microbiologia shines more light on the discussion. Because the Orthopadikum operate eleven specialists from various offices and medical centres in the Oberallgau. We were unanimous, to do something in common\”, says Andreas Ruhland, Managing Director of the hospitals in Oberallgau. To do this, we needed a marketing professional who structure our ideas and objectives and transforms in an effective and professional marketing concept. With meditrust we found this partner.\” Kick-off was in November. One of meditrust moderated creative workshop the strategic direction, the competitive environment and the own mission statement were screened and enshrined in a future-oriented communication concept.

In the increasing competition of health any medical facility has to worry about their promise of performance and the important contents of the communication\”, says Roland Braun, owner of meditrust. Only the right combination results in an interesting overall package for the patients of existing medical expertise and a comprehensive range of services. This is true then to market it\”, says Brown. Thus was born the new name: Orthopadikum Allgau clinic for orthopaedic surgery and sports traumatology. The name makes it clear the specialization and focus on orthopaedics. It was very important to us\”, says Professor Dr. Wolfhart Puhl, renowned orthopedic surgeon and one of the initiators of the Orthopadikum. Then the appropriate corporate design came to the name. The letters in the logo are available OA on the one hand for Orthopadikum Allgau. OA, as is but also the License plate for the region Oberallgau.