Lead Generation

But let’s run with what we have for the purposes of this example. So you have to bring on 15 additional clients. If you also know you have to generate 10 leads for each person who becomes a client, then you have to generate 150 additional opportunities this year (15 * 10 qualified prospects). Therefore, in order to generate $ 18,000 more in sales you need to get some marketing methods that will generate 150 additional capabilities beyond those that are generated. Although this is not an exact science, it does give some figures on which to focus for your progress toward your goal more measurable. This measurement allows you to track your progress throughout the year, which, in turn, increases the likelihood that you will achieve your goals as you are able to make mid-course corrections. It worked for Paul, and can work for you! So, now is the time to ask – Are you filling your prospecting funnel? For the first three years of my web design company, just took what came to my way. I did what I thought their turnover and waited for the results.

I did very little analysis of the process, so I never was able to predict which activities had to do to achieve my desired results. A few years ago, a management consultant introduced me to the idea of prospecting funnel. It is a way to keep your prospecting process to find out what prospects are there in each stage at any given time.