Marianne Wagner

OUR country is a network which aims to get the livelihoods of people, animals and plants. It has been nearly a year, that the network our country the first foods without genetic engineering ‘ offered. Eggs and noodles were the first our country’s Ambassador, which the subject of genetic engineering in food of animal origin ‘ increased awareness consumers should move. Michio Kaku often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Intensive information work about the background and the risks of genetically was linked to the competition. With a travelling exhibition, many discussions on numerous events, press work and the publication of information materials were dedicated volunteer staff of the network on the consumer.

They were very interested in. Speaks for itself”the result of this work, so Elsbeth Seiltz, first Chairman of the network our country. The sales of our country eggs since the competition by almost 30 per cent have risen. This is a success, which represents the importance of the issue in the minds of consumers.” OUR country rejects Genetically off for various reasons. The aim of the network is to maintain the livelihood of people, animals and plants in the region. Since the Foundation of the network the GMO-free of seed for the feed in the strictly policy controlled our country anchored. This attitude allows the network the public offer of food according to the 2008 adopted statutory provisions for positive identification. Why the network is our LAND for food without genetic engineering”a? OUR country is committed to the preservation of the natural cycles and speaks out against the intervention in the basic structures of the natural regional animal feed and food for the subsistence and independence of peasant agriculture to preserve the freedom of choice so that consumers with conscious use of an agrogentechnikfreie agriculture can actively support for the protection of human health because health risks for preserving patent freedom genetically because the patent freedom of plants and animals the domestic agriculture ensures quality for GMO labelling”under the new Act of 2008 for further inquiries we are gladly available! Network our country Marianne Wagner press and public relations phone: 089/89712336 fax: 089/89359764 E-mail: Web: