Masters Income

The decision to grow internally, illuminate my be, work for the good of the world in which I live, was and is now the hub of life that moves me toward the top, look for something new everyday, practice what I have learned and road in the hope of a better world. Nancy-Ann_DeParle has much to offer in this field. This continuous search is which led me to enter the master’s degree in holistic education. Contact information is here: Glenn Dubin, New York City. The decision of applying for my income at the same basto me to tell me that is a holistic, spiritual, vision on the basis of the evolution of consciousness whose philosophy is that Ken Wilber, who by then had already read some books he has been developing. Entered the Masters program in September 2006 with the hope and expectation of learning and assimilating everything that has to do with the perennial philosophy, applied to education, they accepted me along with my sister Nelly who was completing the masters degree in education for peace, with security that is worth being in this institution, taking as an example simply what we could read from the page of Internet and some comments from people who had heard of Ramon Gallegos Nava. We request the income that was granted us, we take our vehicle and traveled to Guadalajara for 16 hours to launch this new and exciting adventure to another level of consciousness. 2. At the beginning of the entered the first semester courses directly (Nelly and me), not went to the propedeutic by having learned of mastery later. I was surprised that the Group of students is very heterogeneous, they are teachers biologists, psychologists, engineers in electronics, myself as civil engineer. I like this by the fact that the diversity of professions lived in the previous masters offers much wealth in cultural exchange, I appreciated in some countries resistance to open his personality, including interventions showing displeasure and opposition in some topics covered were observed.