Mechanical Development

After joining the WTO, foreign technology and equipment make a broad push into China, which are conductive to the improvement of the product quality and technology. Besides, since foreign equipment entered the domestic market, the quality of China s mining machines such as ball mill, jaw crusher, sand maker etc have greatly improved, which not only enhance the comprehensive competitiveness but also occupy positions in the international market. However, we must clearly understand that the market competition will become more and more intense both in domestic and international market, therefore, our business and products will be tested in the competition. There are still some inadequacies in our equipment. e throughout. In face of insufficiency, we must pay attention to innovation. So that means we must rely on scientific and technological innovation and improve the capacity of independent innovation so as to adjust the industry structure and realize the improvement of industry quality. Although some products have reached or close to the international level, but not all products produced by various manufactures are reached to higher level. Therefore, there are still some details which we should learn.

In order to achieve the breakthrough of technology, the development of new generation science and technology sets a higher innovation need. At present, independent research and development capacity of China s machinery is relative behind, a large number of low-level redundant products seriously hinder the development process innovation and pace of the entire industry. As the saying goes, standing on the shoulder of giants, you can look farther, so we should strongly advocate foreign advanced technology and enhance independent innovation ability at the same time. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. can aid you in your search for knowledge. Improvement is not the ultimate goal. Mobile crushers: clinker rotary kiln: