Muritz National Park

The appeal of empty landscapes in the Muritz National Park in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the land Fleesensee is according to own Germany’s largest holiday resort”. Various tour operators have joined forces and set up a community project. The travel portal reisen.de reported what vacationers there everything can experience. Within the resorts, visitors can expect numerous facilities. In addition to various resorts and holiday homes, there are several golf courses and a 6,000 square-foot spa with extensive wellness facilities in the land Fleesensee. Here, visitors can book even a part of the bath itself recently. A special highlight in the land Fleesensee is likely be the Radisson Blu resort Schloss Fleesensee.

This is a real Castle Hotel, the tourists on the downright nostalgic tour of castles to visit. Yet on the tour not only locks are to discover: above all, visitors can enjoy the charm of the deserted landscape. The Route quite deliberately small dirt roads and side roads through the countryside to the land Fleesensee. The special thing about the tour is that the participants learn in the truest sense of the word with the Trabi. Convoys of several Trabis have become rare even here and always provide sensation. Total hundred Trabis in various versions for visitors are available at three locations. Since Trabi is but not so simple, of course a briefing takes place before departure. Because know probably no more than slightly older semester Blipping and bar circuit. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann