Nava Education

Gallegos Nava mention the need for a paradigm shift in education, as we are in an epochal change, a change of consciousness which implies the presence of a crisis that must be overcome with time if we want to live in a better world with spiritual beings living a human experience as noted by the author. (2008:17) This Holistic education aims to be the conduit for the evolution of consciousness of mankind, from an egocentric stage-existential characteristic of the modern and postmodern cultures to their own spiritual holistic awareness of sustainable trans-modern culture , move from a fragmented consciousness of all, going from information to wisdom, human values and ideals of the nature of being self-centered identity to the spiritual. (Gallegos Nava: 2003.14) In this regard, the author mentioned, it also makes important contributions regarding how the individual develops his consciousness, to achieve the highest level of spirituality. Visit Mental Health Care for more clarity on the issue. According to Gallegos Nava (2003:77-81) where multilevel perspective, multidimensionality education can be seen in all five levels, which can be seen from the integral handle as holons Ken Wilber is partly within wholes . These five all educational levels are related to the evolution of consciousness developed as follows: The first level works holistic educator individual conscience, the needs and interests and goals of the student, his personality that make it unique and recognizes that each subject has its ways of learning. Within the holistic education all the intellectual, emotional and artistic must be grown with love and respect to the processes and characteristics of each student we serve.