Nutrition During Pregnancy

Food and beverages during pregnancy pregnancy nutrition for your health and well-being aspects that should be considered during the pregnancy, and the unborn child not to put at risk. Ranging from diet tips, up to codes of conduct and habits that you should leave during pregnancy. What you eat and drink during your pregnancy is extremely important with regard to various aspects. You have a growing fetus in her womb, who is dependent on you and the food you choose. You must make sure that you stay in tip-top shape and gather the strength to carry the child. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is likely to increase your knowledge. It is also particularly important that you gain during your pregnancy not too much weight, because losing weight is hard work after pregnancy without extra pounds. To fulfill these objectives, you should follow core policies on health: 1. eating foods from all five food groups (fruits, Vegetables, whole grain products, carbohydrates, proteins and FAT) in healthy portions and try no more than in addition to eat 300 calories per day.

2. set the smoking and drinking alcohol immediately. These things are harmful to your and the health of your unborn child. Recently Mark Hyman, MD sought to clarify these questions. Assume responsibility for themselves and the child. 3. drink plenty of water.

Due to the extra weight, you must now wear, you need more fluid and energy than normal. Especially in the summer when it’s hot, to dehydrate the risk increases. To avoid that, you should drink about one and a half litres of water per day even if that means that you need to once again look at the toilet at night. 4. try your food cravings, so often it is to ignore. What would a pregnancy without small sins. Just go to the healthier option (frozen yogurt instead of ice cream) and you will see it works wonders on her waist. After all, you want not the first week with your newborn child waste to worry about when is the best time to buy Phentemine 37.