Nutrition During Pregnancy

Eating habits influenced genes of the fetus during pregnancy is many things to consider. In addition to the renunciation of alcohol, caffeine, and certain drugs, healthy eating plays a prominent role for the development of the child. As the insurance Portal private krankenversicherung.de reported, the latter affects but different female or male fetuses. No new information is that the diet significantly has influence on the development of the fetus, as well as on subsequent health risks during pregnancy: diseases such as stroke or a diabetes in adulthood can be due to an unbalanced diet of the mother during pregnancy may. Now, a group of researchers at the University of Missouri found that even the sex of the fetus play a role in the mass transfer of food through the placenta.

This in turn should affect significantly the gene pool of evolving life. So the scientists showed that female fetuses better compensate for a poor diet than their male counterparts. Thus the mother decides with actually just in the first few weeks of pregnancy, whether she will bring a son to the world. A malnutrition exists, namely, the probability is the male fetuses die greater than female in. This explains also that women in later life rarely suffer from certain diseases than men: already in the womb, their genes were more resilient.