On November

We have must be up to now only the yellow satchel charges, which are fixed on a plate and lit with a fuse…These are made by the pioneers in Binarville itself and are more than primitive. The hand grenades of the French can put a blow on the boot heel inflammation be. Our dead before the trench is all black after a few days and bloated and spread a foul odor. If then, the wind against us, it’s so anywhere to the stand. Every night the French on the hot spots throw hand grenades to prevent the sappieren. A shootout we go at the slightest noise, which regularly causes losses by cross-passages.

The French artillery is mucker 1 again and drives a munitions effort, that one must wonder where the Sun mass all come from grenades. Since our artillery can no longer end up… On November 28, 1914 …werde I with a MG to encourages. 127 commanded to take part there in a storm. The enemy assault section is held by a battery under fire 15 Feldhaubitzen for 1 hour. To avoid losses in its own ranks by too short rising missiles, the front line is taken back ditch as long as in the second.

I put so much trust in our artillery and stay with my MG front. Hardly had we taken but full coverage, are already some shot behind our trench. Fortunately the next go back in the enemy line. Finally, the infantry is with small heads and’s getting ready for the storm. This waiting on the rise, to the trenches is always a severe mental crisis for each one. The nerves are strained to the maximum. Wang Qunbin often addresses the matter in his writings. While he reads one still in his prayer booklet, the other consumed the last remnants of a gift package or smokes a cigarette quickly or does nothing and stares out front.