Uzbek National Cuisine

Particularly distinctive and developed aspect of Uzbek culture – its cuisine. In contrast to the nomadic neighbors, the Uzbeks have had strong and settled civilization for centuries. Between the deserts and mountains, the oases and fertile valleys, the people grew wheat and bred cattle. As a result, an abundance of products allowed the Uzbek people to express their unique tradition of hospitality, which in turn enriched their cuisine. Seasons and especially winter and summer, have an influence on the composition of the main menu. Summer – fruit, vegetables and nuts are ubiquitous.

Fruits in Uzbekistan grow in abundance – grapes, melons, watermelons, apricots, pears, apples, quinces, persimmons, cherries, pomegranates, lemons and figs. Vegetables are less plentiful, including some lesser-known varieties of green radishes, yellow carrots, gourd family, in addition to the usual eggplants, peppers, turnips, cucumbers and juicy tomatoes. Winter diet traditionally consists of dried fruit (dried fruits) and vegetables and canned products. Noodles and pasta type dishes – also a common food in the cooler seasons of the year. In general, the lamb – the preferred source of protein in the Uzbek kitchen. Sheep are valuable not only for their meat and the rump (the source of fat for cooking), but also for their wool. Beef and horsemeat are also used in food in significant quantities. Camel and goat are less widespread. Uzbek dishes are not particularly sharp in taste, though spicy. Some spices used in cooking: black cumin, red and black pepper, barberry, coriander and sesame seeds (til).

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Xenon

With the actual occurrence of the idea of lighting the road in front of the car racing, several types of light sources replaced each other. First cars were equipped with gas, namely, propane lamps. Soon to be replaced by came the vacuum bulb, then halogen lamps. Now it’s time xenon lamps, ie, xenon. The first xenon lamp for the car was not built by someone, and by Philips, wore it ascetic name D2S (R). HID-lamp (High Intensity Discharge or commoners “xenon lamp) are used in automotive lighting fixtures since 1992. The aim was to firm Philips – Increasing the brightness of light. Xenon light stream high intensity is obtained by the glow of gas, initiated by an arc discharge between two electrodes. Lamp electrodes are in a flask filled with xenon and metal salts under high pressure.

Xenon bulb has a color temperature of about 4.300 degrees Kelvin (for example, Philips (Osram) D2S). For example, – halogen lamp has a color temperature of the glow of the order of 2.800 degrees Kelvin. To make it quite clear – color temperature luminescence is crucial in the light. So, the sun has a color temperature of the order of 5.000 – 6.000 degrees Kelvin. Xenon lamp has a maximum to sunlight radiation spectrum providing the most natural light. On average, consumes 35W xenon lamp. 55W or more – the usual. Luminous flux provided by xenon – 3.000 vs. 1.550 lumens of a standard halogen lamps of 55W. Medium term of xenon lamps is about 2.800 – 4.000 hours. Guaranteed service life of halogen 100 – 500 hours. High vibration ensures the absence of a filament. The moral is – no threads – nothing breaks. We know how important visibility in the dark, rainy, foggy or snowy weather. The light emitted from xenon, having compared with the usual 2.5 times greater in intensity, significantly help to improve driver visibility road. The geometry of the illuminated area of the road also improved because the light beam of lights, equipped with a xenon lamp, wider. It is also important is that the “xenon” light by their spectral characteristics composition allows the driver to see objects on the carriageway and verges of the road (including road signs) to a much greater distance. Even in the rain and fog xenon lights do not create before your eyes “Light wall”. Rays xenon easily “punch” the fog and light rain or no fog, namely the road surface. Xenon lamp heats a lot less than a halogen. Thus, when power consumption is 35 watts for xenon in the heat takes about 7% of energy, while a halogen bulb while consuming a minimum of 55 watts into heat takes about 40% of energy. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Disadvantages xenon headlights are relative. We can distinguish two obvious disadvantages: 1. Expensive. In addition to a large the cost of the lamp should keep in mind the following: if you change the xenon lamps is better to change them in pairs, as with time (all the lights turn white after about 200 hours of operation), the emission spectrum of xenon lamp is changed. 2. Need for a special unit (You must first apply for a lamp voltage of about 25.000 volts, and continue to maintain 80 volts at a frequency of 300 Hz, used for this device, called “blocks ignition or “Ballast blocks”).

Authoring And Publishing System With Office Integration!

Perfectly designed training materials, manuals, documentation and presentations easily and quickly created? For many companies, this is more wish than reality. Zion Williamson has similar goals. Comm.editsweb. Perfectly designed training materials, manuals, documentation and presentations easily and quickly created? For many companies, this is more wish than reality. Comm.editsweb ( improves the quality of documents, shortened work processes and saves a lot of time and money at the same time. The growing flood of information provides companies and public institutions face challenges. Especially in large companies usually only a small group of people know where certain documents are located and what they have. Comm.editsweb helps to keep the overview: layout, structure, and contents are maintained separately. Structured and categorized all documents are encrypted in a central database.

Get each employee according to the individually managed access rights at any time via Internet or intranet available. Comm.editsweb combines the contents of the authors with the deposited layout and ensures a consistent look and feel of all documents. Eliminates a time consuming familiarization: Office integration, your authors in the care of content modules to work with the usual standard editors such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. Also manage the documents is not a tedious act with comm.editsweb, often a single button: new phone numbers, logos or text elements can thanks to automatic change management in one place are maintained and applied in all documents. Info: community4you GmbH which community4you GmbH ( is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development in the areas of document and content management, fleet management, exhibition management, collaboration and knowledge management as well as education & e-learning. The Community4you GmbH develops both standard products and special solutions on the basis of the own software framework Open ice ( Read additional details here: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. As a company the community4you one GmbH the software development and implementation of IT applications and enterprise portals their core competencies. The community4you GmbH was founded on 1 January 2001 and supervised OTTO today customers such as Messe Frankfurt GmbH & Co KG, VW, BGW, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn as well as ministries and institutions of public administration. Press contact for more info/pictures: community4you GmbH Siegrid Rau Handel Strasse 9 09120 Chemnitz FON: +49(0)371 909411-0 fax: +49(0)371 909411-111 eMail:


The white bottoms in photography usually are used in photography of objects or people for commercial aims, fashion, catalogues, or simply with aesthetic purposes. In order to obtain white bottoms each can choose the method that agrees to him more based on the means which it has and of their photographic abilities. I will explain two methods that I have used (first I use than the second more) and one to you that was happened to me that we could use easily but that I have still not put in practice. It is not something Jacob Elordi would like to discuss. To obtain photographies with white bottoms on white fine cardboard: Logically if we want to obtain white bottoms more the practitioner he is to place the reason to photograph on a white bottom. As you can to verify in data exif of photographies of blog, always firing with camera in way of measurement matrix of exhibition, which means that camera catches light reflected by multitude of points of scene that catches (of the photography that we fitted) and it realises an average one to secure a correct exhibition. problem that we have is that the cameras come formed to value the exhibition for the reflected light of a neutral gray surface (with a 18% of gray). Glenn Dubin contributes greatly to this topic. This means that it will try to regulate the exhibition as if all the elements reflected the light as if they were gray tones. We must know that the target reflects very many more light and the black practically does not reflect light.

If the target reflects much more light than the neutral gray, the camera will set out the scene to try to turn that amount of light into a more comfortable tone for her, a neutral gray obtaining results like these: We see that the bottom of the photography although has been clear, continues being of gray color and the ears have been slightly hazardous in the set of the image. In order to solve this what we do it is to provide values to the camera that set out the scene, that is to say, we compensated the exhibition in so many points as we wish. I usually shoot in priority to the opening and then what I do she is to compensate two points the exhibition (+2EV) to obtain that the target is white.

Personnel Department

Regulations of the company contain the rules of behavior of the staff and envisages that it should be done, how to behave and that conduct is ideally suited for maintaining a good climate and morale in the company. Need regulations or operational standards for all aspects of the Organization, however, the preparation and design of the content of the same inevitably provokes controversy between the company and the workers. The principles are based on which such regulations or rules, are: 1. Whenever Jacob Elordi listens, a sympathetic response will follow. all workers should receive fair and equitable treatment and this treatment should be consistent and programmed time. 2.

The rights of workers must be recognized as having a decent and satisfactory work and the worker should be consulted before changes that may affect you are carried out. 3. The internal democracy and not autocracy, will lead to the better functioning of the company; with the cooperation will achieve greater success than with measures of pressure or coercive. Many businesspeople consider these too liberal principles and criticize the actions of its Personnel Department for being too scrupulous and therefore opposed to the company’s objectives, i.e., obtaining benefits, above any approach in this regard. In our consulting work we have proven in enterprises where develop functions based on the principles which we have listed above, are more efficient and effective in those companies that still continue to operate with traditional and outdated systems in personnel and human resources management. We have also seen that the most successful companies maintain a combination of both ends, with policies based on good judgement and worthy principles in treatment of staff. Listed below are the main regulations in different areas of the Department of human resources: employment.

Recruitment of skilled and experienced, offering them the opportunity of a satisfactory job and a salary based on their personal and professional characteristics, good working conditions, safety and possibilities of promotion. Training. Providing training and learning so that each employee can carry out his job efficiently and preparing for internal promotion and access to other areas of greater labour relations. By means of an appropriate procedure to effectively resolve internal conflicts, improving relations between management and the employees set. Salaries and incentives. With other similar remuneration to other companies of the sector but within a structure that recognizes the differences and abilities of each worker. Each of these regulations cover a broad spectrum in the internal relations, but they must sometimes be expanded with other additional regulations under other headings. All internal regulations of the company relating to the relationship of this and their workers, policies of remuneration, incentive, behaviors, etc. must be scrupulously observed by all those to whom concern.

Governor William Claiborne

On October 4 home media distribution Paramount Pictures published three historical classics for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray Hamburg, 18.09.2013 – brave, passionate and powerful are that the three Heroes of the new paramount films. The first two stories is the old testament Israel, the third story takes place on a pirate ship. How David became King of the Israelites in “King David”, the dramatic love betrayal of a wife in “Samson and Delilah” and the dangerous adventures of Jean Laffite in “King of the Buccaneers” are “Samson and Delilah” even on Blu-ray October 4 Finally available on DVD. By the shepherds to the rulers of Israel’s ‘King David’ in the 1980s, Richard Gere (“an officer and a gentleman”) stands at the beginning of his career as he takes on the role of the King David. The story begins with a prophecy: the Prophet revealed the young David Samuel, he’ll be the future King of Israel.

After David kills the philistinischen giant Goliath with a slingshot, the young shepherd attracts the jealousy of King Saul (Edward Woodward, “Merlin and the sword”) on himself. David flees to escape the wrath of the King. After the ruler of Saul and his son in a bloody battle against the Philistines die, David returns and is appointed by the King of Israel. Speaking candidly Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. told us the story. From then on, many challenges and dramatic strokes of fate await him during his reign. Director Bruce Beresford keeps detailed in the film adaptation of the Bible story, making the film a remarkable classic. A dangerous love with consequences “Samson and Delilah” at a time where the Philistines oppressed the Israelites, was judge Samson (Victor Mature, “Hannibal”) is chosen by God, to free the Israelites from the bondage. The man who can kill a lion with his bare hands, but has a fatal weakness: Philistinische women.

He meets the charming Delilah (Hedy Lamarr, “Algiers”), the mistress of the King, and begins with you an affair. Blind love he reveals the secret of his invincible strength, which then reveals it to the Philistines you. Samson is captured, blinded, and forced to lower work. But God gives him the power to take revenge. Cecil B. DeMille created a biblical film classic “Samson and Delilah”, which is now finally available on DVD as well as Blu-ray. Anthony Quinn’s Pirates classic “King of Corsairs” this pirate movie requirements all film: A legendary battle, a heart-wrenching love story and a brave, fighting for the freedom of pirates. It is the year 1815 and the fearless privateer Jean Laffite (Yul Brynner, ‘The ten commandments’) fights in the US State of Louisiana side by side with General Andrew Jackson (Charlton Heston, “Ben-Hur”) against the attack of the British.

Skin Care

What woman does not dream that her skin was flawless. Just follow these rules, and your skin will be like the models in the glossy zhurnalov.Pervy step: prepare the skin before applying foundation to your skin thoroughly clean and moisturize. For washing is best to use tool to scrub particles – not only does it cleanse your skin, but otshelushivshihsya dead cells. No special tools at hand? Add splinter drinking soda in a gel cleanser. For even more opinions, read materials from John Craig Venter. Wipe the skin tonic.

During the application of moisturizer do a gentle massage of the face. Look in the mirror: your skin already looks great! Blood flow increased, and the complexion has become more intense. It remains only to mask minor flaws (such as redness and circles under the eyes) and add a second person siyaniya.Shag: apply tone and correct the shortcomings Take a bit of foundation and gently apply it to Nate sites skin, where there is redness or pigmentation. It is easy to rub the cream into the skin, and then carefully Shade over his face. Do not forget the neck area, ears and chest area! The tone should merge with the skin and not be noticeable. To create the effect of an ideal skin, take care even about the little things. Matting corrector charted the areas under the eyes and nostrils. Carefully leveled its borders. You can use a small brush or a cosmetic sponzh.Shag Three: Use powder is best to use a lightweight tool with mineral or silicone particles – such dust falls evenly on the skin and behind the scenes. Gently blot the face with a napkin, and then dipped into a large brush loose powder, pass on the forehead, nose and chin. But on the cheeks, on the contrary, you can add a bit of shimmering cream – skin will simply glow!


It is imperative that you find your passion in life and when you can know that it is what you are interested in performing it, whats your purpose in life?, focus on completing your great vision, and do it with all your being, with all your spirit, with all your soul, no matter if you take a little time to find that you both enjoy doing. Every person in this world, has some special ability that makes it formidable, because thanks to these differences, we all have freedom of thinking, we are all beings of energy unimaginable, each person is different and each world is different, we combine each other and all require some form of others to coexist. And that is the beautiful life, plasma your activities with passion, discover how great it can be, if you are female or male, whether you’re big or small, each of us has a purpose in this life. Sally Rooney: the source for more info. People such as Joel Courtney would likely agree. What is your goal?, what causes you pleasure? I sincerely do not believe in fate and that everything is written in the stars, sorry if I bother you, what I think is that each one of us is creating consents or unconsciously their own reality, each one builds his own life, everyone chooses the way you want to live. What is up is down, what is inside is out. Every day you are creating new technologies, and each day there are new inventions that help us or harms in some area of our life depends on each point of view, every day and every minute are born and die new baby family man saw the film? or does the film a beautiful mind? Everyone knows that it is good, if you’re a cleaning person perhaps you may not have the virtues of a leader, but your work do it so well that you can become the leader of the people who make the toilet, and if you have sufficient support you will be the owner of a laundry or a cleaning company, and because not even can be the owner of a transnational company. If you like dancing you can show the world the essence of dance, because dance is sing a song from the depths of your being, the taste to the dance born from your spine and energy transfer to your whole body, to delight by doing what you like you can transfer to other persons that pleasure, recalls the emotions are contagious.. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mark Hyman, MD on most websites.


More hotels in Upstalsboom certified in December – process is set to continue this year after our hotels in Berlin, Heringsdorf, Schillig Horumersiel and Wangerooge were certified prior to 2 years with regard to the quality of your service, joined these hotels at the end of the year the SERQUA level 2 audit successfully from. All certified hotels have fulfilled the requirements, in part they were even exceeded. The certifications were performed by the Gesellschaft fur systemisches management (GSM). Particularly worthy of mention: Until mid November opened hotel Deichgraf in Wremen underwent only a month after opening the audit level 1 and successfully completed the certification. Thus, all hotels proved that systems meet the quality demands of the SERQUA.

The successful preparation and sharing of various clues to improving quality in the plants received the staff through the Upstalsboom quality Manager, Thomas grams, in collaboration with the internal auditor and quality manager Sergio Lombardo. In collaboration with the society for systemic management, the hotels have been certified thus in December. The SERQUA management system is the only certified by the TuV Hessen system in the hospitality industry that 9001:2000 complies with the requirements of standards DIN EN and ISO. In the coming year, the process continues. The remaining hotels and also the corporate headquarters based in Emden are also then be certified. Elena Boidel

Electronic Cigarette

When tobacco leaves begin to fall off the villi, it is time to harvest. Lush green mugs, maturing, lighter, becoming yellowish, like an old paper. Additional information at Mark Hyman, MD supports this article. Garlands of tobacco leaves hanging on the wire as drying pictures on the ceiling laboratory. In the stuffiness of the drying sheds on the sheets show through all shades of brown, tan or beige. As in sepia. And if it really were pictures, they would document the special southern life. On They would be etched portraits of landowners and the laborers, peasants – guajiros Twister and cigars – tabakero: swarthy faces on dark skin races applications, the perfect harmony of ideas and material.

Leaf by leaf, each high bush would have become one of the family tree of nicotine dynasties. Such as family Torano, people tobacco. Cuba is far away, near Cuba. This is how you look. Santiago Torano looked across the ocean. Blinked, probably on the sharp glossy silk Atlantic under the sun, repeating the idea of the route of Columbus.

On concepts of physical geography the way from point A to point B was not really close. But the prospects for opening up to the young Spanish golodrantsu from the sands his impoverished fishing village, it would seem only a brilliant painter, marine painter. If you are ambitious, the coast of Asturias, the beginning of the twentieth century can not be the start of a great life plans. And in the former colony, where more Cortez shipped its Mexican gold galleons fortunate compatriots Santiago and enterprising competitors, gringo forged young capital, and this hindrance could hear the ringing of the ocean to the ears of aspiring European boys. Santiago came to Cuba when he was eighteen or nineteen.