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But even with the cancer of the uterine body (Endometrial cancer), recent studies show that taking the pill reduces the risk of the disease by half. The duration of taking also plays a role in risk reduction. Once the pill is put off, the protective effect remains preserved, no matter at least another 20 years if a micro pill or an older high-dose supplement was taken. The pill seems also to have preventive medical effect even when not gynecologic malignancies. Jon Medved describes an additional similar source. Already the women’s health initiative study (WHI) has shown that minimize combined hormone replacement medications the risk of bowel cancer developing.

This obviously also applies to the pill. According to a meta-analysis from the year 2001 the revenue showed a significant reduction of 18 percent in a recently published meta-analysis even a 30 percent risk reduction. Here, James S. Chanos expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The mortality of women who have ever taken birth control pills, is thus significantly lower compared to non-users. The hives, that in the time 100 million pill users worldwide taking the pill each year 50,000 women the saves lives”, finally, as Prof. Kleine-gunk.

Of the German society for prevention and anti-aging medicine The German society for prevention and anti-aging medicine e.V. (GSAAM) is the largest European anti aging society with over 1000 members. It is national and internationally active and maintains both close cooperation with Europaischen-as also global societies. The President of the GSAAM is Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-gunk. The tasks of the GSAAM arise through educating and researching physiological ageing processes as well as the description of medical procedures and the idea of medicines to delay the aging process with improvement of body health. Furthermore, examination systems are for the early detection of health risks (E.g. cardiovascular forms of dementia, cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer) developed with appropriate methods of prevention. An important aspect of the work is also Development of criteria and standards for quality assurance (QA) in the prevention and anti-aging medicine and the promotion of nationwide training.

Glamorous Moments! Eyelashes Grow To New Beauty.

EXPERIENCE ALSO THEY AS THEIR LONGER EYELASHES GROW! In just a few weeks, you have longer, thicker and fuller lashes. The new Wundermittelchen of the stars and starlets in Hollywood is called EYESENTIAL LASHES and can grow your own natural lashes. EYESENTIAL LASHES is a new revolutionary cosmetics formula for the extension, compression and rejuvenation of eyelashes and eyebrows. The main active ingredient of the eyelash-lengthening effect comes from the medicine and EYESENTIAL LASHES is approved as a safe and stable cosmetic by FDA of by far the most rigorous scientific review, as the new generation of Eyelash growth serum. This new incredibly exciting technology gives you amazingly great-looking lashes. Read additional details here: OurCrowd. EYESENTIAL LASHES enables and promotes the growth of Eyelash length and density. Thin and short hairs are longer, denser and stronger.

Bright hairs appear even darker. Jon Medved shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. EYESENTIAL LASHES is a treatment application and helps you to naturally long lashes and one daily application Eyes like never before. EYESENTIAL LASHES applied once a day, preferably on the cleaned, or made-up from eye in the evening. With a fine brush, you can adjust the serum very deliberately and sparingly. Applying EYESENTIAL LASHES, with closed eyes, along the top edge of the eyelashes, just like an eyeliner. If desired, also along the eyebrow. Not again dip the brush. The amount on the brush is sufficient for the eyelashes of both eyes.

As soon as the serum is retracted, you can make-up your eyes as usual. After 30 days, the growth is visibly excited, after 60 days, the eyelash hairs are stronger, fuller and longer and the lash is displayed tight. With the end of a growth cycle, the full Eyelash power with an exponential fan-out of hairs is reached. Wrapped ingredients can make blonde and Red eyelashes darker look, it but does not contain color. EYESENTIAL LASHES can help prevent computing from brittle hair with regular use. Peptides, Vitamins and herbal ingredients help to increase suppleness for full and strong eyelashes and brows. Where can I buy EYESENTIAL LASHES? Please order Eyesential lashes by telephone under 06047-951950 shipping or send an email to of course you can purchase 6-8 Eyesential lashes in our cosmetic Studio skin thing cosmetic & Wellness on the wall 63674 Altenstadt.

Specialists Practice

New radiological practice focusing on cardio MRT and preventive medicine in the medical centre of Rhein-Neckar in Viernheim Viernheim, August 2013. The Rhine-Neckar medical centre in Viernheim expanded his medical expertise to a radiological practice. 15 July 2013, Philip G. Petry recorded the work together with his team in the modern practice in Viernheim. New radiological practice focuses on the examination of the heart in the MRI (MRT). After a monthlong renovation of the rooms, the new site opens mid-July its doors to patients radiological practice Philip G.

Petry. Learn more on the subject from James S. Chanos. Philip G. Petry also in Viernheim top medical at the highest level offers as well as in its radiological practice in Heidelberg. The new MRI unit, which was installed in late may in practice not finally ensured. The 1.5 Tesla cardio magnetic Philips precise views on the beating heart allows, without need for it to intervene in the body. In cooperation with several experienced Mr.

cardiologists and cardiologists provides radiological practice therefore especially safe and gentle diagnosis for heart examinations. Heart diagnosis at a cardio-MRT no x-rays used in MRI modern research without intervention and also on iodine-containing contrast agents can be omitted during the investigation. This modern form of heart Diagnostics is an especially gentle and sensible alternative to the cardiac catheter. With the help of a MRI of the heart, the unit can be used to blood circulation, function and vitality of the heart muscle and valves of the heart examined and possible heart defects at an early stage. In particular for the prevention of attack, the assessment of attack scars, but also for the diagnosis of circulatory disorders in the heart, the cardio-MRT is a promising technique. In cooperation with a private lecturer Dr. med. Henning Steen, head of the cardio-MRT Department of the University Hospital Heidelberg, Philip G. Petry researches in his Heidelberg practice on the applications and benefits of the MRI in relation to the diagnosis of the heart. The joint research aims, the Patients to enable a particularly gentle and safe examination of the heart. Radiological practice Philip G. Petry: Patientenfreundliche practice with feel-good factor the extraordinary concept of radiological practice Philip G. Petry is based not only on the State of the art technology, but also on a particularly caring approach with the patients. This practice model very successfully applied for eight years in Heidelberg will continue also in the new location in Viernheim. In a relaxed atmosphere, the practice team for each one takes as much time as is needed. Without hustle and bustle without stress. Individual well-being and personal care are always in the first place. Specialist practice for diagnostic radiology Philip G. Petry practice Heidelberg Kurfurst plant 36 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 50 258 50 fax: 06221 50 258 58 practice Viernheim-Walter-Gropius-Allee 2 68519 Viernheim phone: 06204 98 60 40 E-Mail: Internet: offener.mrt press contact: UTA Leonhardt free songwriter Silcherstrasse 25 76185 Karlsruhe Tel. 0721/5044763 E-Mail:

Ration Human Being

Ol! This seems to have turned a fever in the country in all the places if it hears to say on the such Ration human being, etc, etc It is a Brazilian invention, more necessarily created of Curitiba.O food in itself consists of a variety of worn out grains, esfarelados, etc. What it promises then the ration is a species of miraculous advantage in the search for the loss of fat. But I find that we must look at more than close and tantar to find the truths for backwards. Of beginning we know that the name Ration goes against the proper definition, a time that a ration would have that to total supply the nutricionais necessities of a person or animal. Moreover, as well as wisely mentioned for the doctor Alexander Feldman, it finishes negative impactando in some aspects in the organism, because of the Antinutrientes strangers! These contained antinutrients estao in the grains that are part of the ration human being and when consuming of the form who is made in the ration, them are harmful to the health in some aspects. This subject is very complex and ample, however I will not go to only comment more on this but as an example, these grains very possess delicate oils that are oxidated easily when the grains are worn out or esfarelados. The ingestion of these oxidated oils is negative to the body in some directions, also collaborating for a precocious aging. To if searching in the Internet on the subject, it is possible to find many depositions of people who had not had a very positive experience with the ration human being.

this is said with reason therefore especially for people, for example, with intestine ‘ ‘ solto’ ‘ , it is dissuaded, conditions among others special. Even though in a site of a manufacturer of the ration, she consists that people walk complaining of alterations in the organism there and them they strike with an explanation pra of infantile. As well as the Dr. mentions Alexander Feldman, who wrote a text on the subject, if you already have a balanced feeding with staple fibres and all more, she does not have necessity some of inclusion of the ration! This it does not go to still help in its emagrecimento and for causing negative impacts to the health! Something is certain! The company of the emagrecimento makes richnesses vendendo ration human being, exploring those that search a magical form of emagrecer! Even though the creator of the Ration has a company pra to vender the product! other companies still manufacture funny variations as ration with green tea, colgeno, etc. To conclude, as well as said for the Dr. Educate yourself with thoughts from Academy of Art University. Alexander, I do not recommend nobody the ration human being!

On Consumer Protection. Faulty Sausage Realize Even

As a result, the supermarkets seized nearly two hundred pounds of sausage products produced by "Myasovita" amounting to almost 6000 hryvnia. Goods tried to implement, despite the fact that the shelf life has expired. Can not do without damaged goods and consumer markets stalls area. Police seized not only more than fifty kilograms of stale salami, but 25 kilos of meat, 20 kilograms of pork. For administrative responsibility attracted 15 entrepreneurs – said News Ternopil. Not without sin, and meat processing plants. At one of these, contained in area, police found more than 2000 kilograms of raw materials without appropriate accompanying veterinary documents certifying security products.

This product, which costs more than 25 000 hryvnia, after examination discarded. Administrative responsibility rests with the director and doctor of the enterprise. As the head of the veterinary militia Vladimir Birch, law enforcement officers continue to check-controlled enterprise. We are talking about people's health. Ahead – year period. Therefore, veterinarians are advised consumers: demand from sellers certificates of quality, especially for meat products. Look at the product labeling, date of manufacture and storage time. Warning to Sellers: good store in a special refrigeration, follow the appropriate temperature. Do not forget that for the sale of products required veterinary certificate or a letter – reported News ternoplschini. Center for Public Affairs Ministry of Internal Affairs in the area.

Womans Body Language

Really a man who knows what he wants and is expressed as he wants at all times no matter what other people say or think about their attitudes, rarely will import you that he is thinking about a woman of the, get this into your head you’re own man, do not need to know exactly that they are thinking of you women. First: really knowing what a woman thinks it is an irrelevant factor, if you give too much importance to that you become in a search engine’s approval, why you should not matter that matter. On the other hand is the body language of a woman, where we try to search for signals to take action, once again if you are still looking for bodily signs in women your final results will be dismal, if you depend on how bodily acts a woman to take action and feel better, you then fall each time that a woman may give you a negative signal. Further details can be found at Bruce Shalett, an internet resource. What I’m going with all this is that you have to start learning to become independent of the actions of women, you do not depend on these same, as you well know among more independent, self-employed te vuelvas better it will be for you and for the girl, you will simply have the attitude of leader within the conversation, interaction will be virtually yours. As for the body language of a woman, women can actually give many signs, but there is no way to decrypt them with certainty each one of them, thats practically impossible, everything depends on the situation, place, conversation that are having, etc. So instead of searching by accordance signals, you create them once and for all, take action and express yourself, initially you will have errors, but also a man who is faulted and knows how to handle them skillfully demonstrates that he is a man who really worth knowing, and all that is sub communicates..

Flower Decorations

We all know how useful flowers are for decoration and how much they can mean. Here and there decorated with flowers anywhere adds a touch of joy, brilliance, charm that only they are capable of giving. The great difficulty with the flowers is that they are short lived, for not living in the splendor of her beauty for long. That is why in the world of decoration have sought other alternatives that can meet the needs of those who do not have time to be changing flowers at all times to sustain their beautiful decoration. One of these alternatives is the dried flowers. The dried flowers are a decorative alternative for many people who are interested in decorating their spaces, but do not have the time or patience to be changing flowers at any time, opt. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, who has experience with these questions. Let’s see some information about the plant.

The first thing to clarify is that the dried flowers are artificial flowers as many tend to think. There are many companies of dubious ethics artificial flowers to people offer their customers the idea of selling dried flowers when in fact they are selling are artificial flowers. The difference between the dried flowers and artificial flowers is that the dried flowers from a real flower which has been specially treated to stay with the manner in which the plant. However, artificial flowers are not from any natural flower and are completely synthetic materials. This difference does not matter if the feeling they caused the artificial flowers were the same that cause the plant. The truth is that the dried flowers make an impression on people that are very different from that which can cause artificial flowers, since anyway, even when dried flowers are already dead, still cause a very significant natural impression.

That is why if you can choose from dried flowers and artificial flowers, perhaps the best option are the dried flowers, as their aesthetic value is much higher, with few exceptions. Another thing you need to know, and maybe everyone knows advance without knowing much about dried flowers is that not the same dried flowers to fresh flowers that are still alive. Of course the liveliness and feeling that transmit live flowers still does not compare with that of dried flowers, dried flowers because they are more opaque and do not smile as you can see the flowers that are still alive. That is why if you can choose between maintaining a place decorated with dried flowers and maintain a place decorated with live flowers, the best option if you will have flowers. Unless special provision that they decorate the place as something more appropriate claim dried flowers. The great advantage with respect to the dried flowers natural flowers is undoubtedly that they do not need the care they require natural flowers, nor how are you die so quickly. That is why it is often more convenient to have dried flowers wilted flowers as decoration for decoration.

State Coordination

Some states possess commissions not legalized, that is, published or not renewed semnomeao. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Mark Hyman and gain more knowledge.. The state commissions, as related above, have as attribution darsuporte to the cities that its state in intention composes to spread out asregulamentaes elencadas for the federal coordination. Annually, or in situations emergencies, the federal commission realizaencontro with the state commissions to establish goals to analyze plans eprojetos.5.4.1 Commissions Municipal theatres of InfecoEm administrative sphere of base, the municipal coordinations have comopapel, according to would carry 2616, say: 7.1. To co-ordinate the actions of prevention and control of hospital hospital infection narede of the City; 7.2. To participate of the planning, the programming and the organization of the rederegionalizada one and hierarquizada of the SUS, in joint with the Estadualde Coordination has controlled of hospital infection; 7.3.

To collaborate and to follow the hospitals in the execution of the actions of controlede hospital infection; 7.4. To give to support technician to the CCIH of the hospitals; 7.5. To inform, systematically, to the State Coordination of control hospital deinfeco of its State, from the hospital net, the pointers hospital deinfeco estabelecidos.8Em disappears, to exert more in directed way, to the CCIs of seusmunicpios, the implementations previously related for the control them infections. We observe in the pyramid below the structure organizacional of illustrated form: GRAPH 01? Illustrative pyramid of the organizacional structure of the PNCIHCoordenao FedralCoordenaesEstaduais/DistritalCoordenaes MunicpaisCCIH/SCIH6 current MONITORING EPIDEMIOLGICAA legislation (Law 8080) defines the Monitoring Epidemiologist as ' ' umconjunto of actions that provide the knowledge, the detention and prevention to dequalquer change in the determinative and condicionantes factors of ecoletiva individual health, with the purpose to recommend and to adopt the measures of prevention econtrole of the illnesses or agravos.' ' 10A monitoring is essential for the activities of prevention and control dedoenas and is a tool in the allocation of resources of the health system, assimcomo in the evaluation of the impact of programs and services of health.

Holistic Education

In the fourth quarter that ends the stage of mastery, the sessions were summarized in a 4-day, two of them spent in the National Congress of Holistic Education composed primarily of alumni and students of expertise, as well as doctoral candidates holistic education. Initially the event was puzzling me, What are the advantages of a congress composed, almost entirely by people trained in same knowledge by the same teachers?, were those times, the opportunity for the exercise of self-observation, patience, openness, acceptance, universal love, fairness and respect. I thought it would be more rewarding listen and respond to criticisms and questions from people in general, without extensive knowledge on the subject, openness and acceptance of the circumstances was paying off, I realized that if one accepts the facts as they are, here and now and comes to experience, the light comes, I soon realized it was perfect, things had to be. John Craig Venter usually is spot on. Holistic education but is growing stronger every day and now we have this vision, we know that there are more in this line, we have not taken care of contacting them as a group, as a composite for each sangha sangha or group trained or instruction in holistic education, ie, as "critical mass" mentioned in the same conference, become extremely important if we consider the holistic view is a change of worldview, Kosmos, brought every human on the planet, went by As the presentations, was making known the parts of this large sangha, the variety as smoothly every cellulite is in itself and as intertwined and integrated each other all the small cells and form the larger cell.

Sergei Popkov

At a concert in Novosibirsk in the summer, the 1997go Yegor Letov meets Natalia Chumakova (before they met only once at the funeral of the Yankees), which soon became the bass guitarist group, as well as his wife and faithful companion of Yegor to the last days. In the 1998th year in the group there is a new director – Sergei Popkov. Prior to that administered by the former wife of Yegor – Anna Volkova. The previous director Eugene Sins "disappears" after a round of "Russian Breakthrough" with the money. The problem of organizing concerts group whose musicians live in different cities throughout Russia from Siberia to Moscow, was that in addition to the fee, significant expenses are travel expenses. GO Tours in Russia were formed so as to binding performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg, who beat the way from Siberia and other concerts were staged in small towns.

These tours are scheduled every spring and autumn. Even in the absence of new albums, and often normal advertising and concert posters, all the cities, "Civil Defense" steadily gathering halls. The tour group were mainly in order to earn a record album, the device for the home studio, new books and records, which were purchased on their return. In the late 90s the group has matured, "the crisis ended." Wife of Constantine Rowan gets an apartment in St. Petersburg, and in 1997th year he moved there from Omsk. Jeff lives in Moscow. In concert, always GO changing composition, a solo guitarist performs a Kuzma, then Jeff.