Piraputanga Environment

FINAL CONSIDERAES the present study propitiated the understanding of the relation man and environment. The environment for being complex is passing for some ambient problems these related with the contamination of the natural environment, the pollution of air, the pollution of waters and the ground provoked by the intervention human being. It is understood that the same ones are caused by the processes of occupation of the human beings in the environment, that is, alterations for the antrpica action in different levels, throughout the time and of the space. From the question raised to the erosion of ground it comes being one of the preoccupying ambient problems, the process of the soil erosion of the Street Piraputanga is a point of degradation of this caused way being of course and mainly for the man. The work it analyzed a small area that future will be able to harm a water course, the locomotion of inhabitants of that place, and to cause to bigger damages the population that needs that one saw to move itself. In this direction, also it is important to argue the sustainable development that implies in one better use of if usufructing of ground being it one of the natural resources of bigger importance, has seen that it is the same that it provides to our survival However the proceedings for provisional remedy in accordance with the research made in the soil erosion of the Street Piraputanga must minimize the occurrence of factors of the degradation, and the taking of corrective processes is delayed and in some cases expensive, that is, in the place of the research it more good has if the necessity of the plantation of capim and adequate trees for a protection of the ground, since the water that it concentrates in the place it has if the fallen one for the one for called the Piraputanga stream of? Ribeiro' ' for the inhabitants of the locality.