Making use of it as first L1 language, its appears second L2 language that is the language Portuguese, acting a on one to another one, of this form we will get an agreement of lgua official of its country, through its language materna. Ronice Pictures accents the necessity of the language of signals for the deaf person since the beginning of its existence. The educational process occurs by means of linguistic interaction and must occur, therefore, in the POUNDS. If the child arrives in the school without language, is basic that the work is directed for the retaken one of the process of acquisition of the language through appearance-space language. The acquisition of the POUNDS for Brazilian deaf children is something unquestioned. (PICTURES, p 03) At this moment the school has the paper to socialize, to provide to the child the convivncia in ampler group of individuals. See Proton Cancer Centre for more details and insights. It is at the hands of the school the integration between deaf children in a bigger space that of the familiar conviviality, becoming them more operating and participativas in the society which is inserted. Three points in the constitution of the pounds exist that correspond fonologia, morphology and semiotics.

The fonologia of the language of signals identifies to the structure and the organization of the constituent of the language. It studies the elements that compose the signals, such as the movement, the configuration of hand and the point of joint. Then all primary or initial movement of the languages of signals is considered fonolgicos, to be more easy to understand. The movement is very important because it actively participates in the production of the signal, giving favour and beauty. The points of joints are the parts of the body or the space where the signal is articulated, as examples they have the head, the trunk, the hand and the space. The orientation of the hand is the direction with respect to which the palm of the hand points in the production of the signal, as for top, front, the right and the left.