Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing technique based on the strength of love, by laying on of hands, to transmit power, a curative therapy. It is also a Japanese word that means Universal Vital energy. Reiki is an encounter of Rei (Universal energy) and Ki (vital energy of every being). ure choices. This energy can be applied effectively, both directly to the patient at a distance. It is a harmless energy, without side effects, without contraindications, and is compatible with any type of treatment or therapy.

It balances the chakras and when we use it, we recover and maintain health physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; restores, improves and heals our bodies or of others, creating a State of total harmony. Therapy and the therapist Reiki does not cure, what it does is help the patient that will cure itself if desired, therapy does the patient may be with your inner self and help improve ailments, discomfort and disease. Energy cannot be manipulated. The therapist, once started, put simply hands and the energy flows in the amount and intensity that every person needs. It is not necessary to remove clothing during the session, only shoes, because energy penetrates through any tissue. Nor is it necessary to know what kind of disease you have the patient, to successfully carry out the treatment. To learn more about Reiki and initiation courses you can click here.