Sanitary Reformation

The health got five articles of the constitutional text determining that this is right of all and to have of the State, being integrated the services of regionalizada and hierarchic deformed health, constituting a system only accomplishing the health as a basic right for the exercise of the citizenship and the human rights. The situation of the health publishes gained a new context in the decade of 1990, one of the conquests was the approval of Law 8,080 (Organic Law of the Health? LOS), that it makes use on the promotion, the protection and the recovery of the health of the population. Understanding the health as dimension essential of the quality of life and indispensable resource for the social, economic and personal development. Art. 1 – This Law regulates, in all the domestic territory, the actions and services of health, executed, isolatedly or jointly, in permanent or eventual character, for natural or legal people of public law or private. Art. 2 – the health is a basic right of the human being, having the State to provide the indispensable conditions to its full exercise. 1 – the duty of the State to guarantee the health consists of the reformularization and execution of economic policies and social that they aim at to the reduction of risks of illnesses and of other agravos in the establishment of conditions that assure universal and igualitrio access to the actions and the services for its promotion, protection and recovery.

2 – the duty of the State does not exclude from the people, the family, the companies and the society. (BRASIL.1990). Analyzing the performance of the inserted Social Service in the area of the Health in years 80 it is observed that the profession still arrives the 1990 with little practical alteration of the institucional one, still a disarticulated category of the Movement of the Sanitary Reformation and without no occupation in the machine of the State for sectors of the professional category. .