SAP Business ByDesign

SAP sets theGuard! A service management centre of REALTECH, to improve the efficiency of analysis and monitoring processes of the cloud platform. To deepen your understanding City College of New York is the source. Walldorf, February 23, 2012 REALTECH AG, a leading manufacturer of software products for enterprise-wide IT management, SAP consulting firm and long-standing SAP global technology partner of SAP AG, supports the cloud platform of SAP Business ByDesign theGuard with components of the IT service management solution. Existing product-specific solutions for monitoring individual IT services are under the umbrella of theGuard! merged to a layer overview. Via a special link status messages, which apparently represent the current state of the IT services landscape, SAP employees from the areas of cloud support and cloud see affect managed services at a glance, how changes in individual components on the business processes of the customer. At the same time is clear, where are the causes of failures. This allows for a more targeted treatment of Error messages, one accelerated repair and therefore supports compliance with service level agreements. With this comprehensive service impact management, SAP employees can still better overall to capture the effect of disturbances on the cloud customers and as early and quickly resolve. This means an optimization of the monitoring processes of the cloud platform, which can positively affect customer satisfaction.

REALTECH will benefit from the experience gained in the project and sets the theGuard! products in the future even more to the needs of service providers from. The importance of service impact management provider of on demand solutions customers who make off their business processes on-demand with the help of software as a service solutions delivered their internal IT operations to the cloud provider. This acts thus the customers like, as in classic mode, the internal IT would have worked. It follows that cloud providers particularly must ensure that their services are always available. Errors could trigger mass errors and must be evaluated in their entirety and with maximum efficiency eliminates customer-oriented. Causes (known errors) must be classified and management passed to the permanent elimination of the problem. The decision for theGuard! SAP chose to theGuard! Service Management Center of REALTECH decided, because the theGuard! solution offers the possibility to create very clear representations on links the SAP Business ByDesign solution platform. In addition, the solution allows flexible integration in proprietary third-party systems for the service impact management.