– To stimulate the personal capacities: These must be developed in the group. The complementariness is an element of enrichment for the group, where each member has a personal commitment. – To favor the personal autonomy in several directions: – Inner: Making take it brings back to consciousness to each of his capacities. – Outer: By the acceptance and the capacity to contract responsibilities and to occupy its site in the life of the group. – Individual: Supporting the development of the values of each person.

– Collective: Accepting that the autonomy is the base of the individual freedom, that allows the individual to get up itself and to participate in the life of the group and the society. – To help the group to evaluate all the sections of the program of the meeting: Spending the time necessary to each subject according to its importance. – To facilitate the decision making: Bringing about the participation of all and the agreements by consensus. Functions of the Entertainer: We speak of the animation not-directive, where the Entertainer is a member more of the equipment than he proposes, he invites, he presents/displays, he offers aid, he collaborates Of this form its main functions during the meeting are: – To remember the objectives: Not to turn aside itself of the final mission. – To make proposals: Not to leave the program, to apply the decisions, so that all participate in the discussions, etc.

– To create a favorable climate: So that all set out their ideas freely. – To propose methods and means: To be effective facing the final mission. He must propose and teach to the means of action and suitable procedures more. – To communicate with the group: Feeling like a member more of the group, as soon as he makes his available a series of technical knowledge and abilities and participates in the life of the group. – To foment the autonomy: Its opinion must allow that the group it decides by itself; still being able to transmit enthusiasm, spirit and confidence, without forgetting to facilitate good conditions for the interpersonal work and relations.