It is also the most versatile fuel, which are the most common wall-hung boilers and three-dimensional floor. The network of heating, running on natural gas is a true maintenance-free automatic heating system, so it does not need care and maintenance and ongoing service and the automation system of the boiler itself will maintain the established modes of use. Suddenly you have a village there is no natural gas, after it is applied on the prevalence of a system that operates on diesel. For a long work next to a heating boiler or dug in the street fuel tank size, which is required for long work at least in the continuation of a long time. Plants operating on liquid fuel, produced only in the type of floor.

Use and adjustment of the boiler on the solarium is more expensive due to fuel costs and the frequency of call care services. From the combustion of diesel soot in the furnace combustion meets regularly. Rarely purchased boilers, liquefied gas. The use of this fuel in a modest view of his great value and increased conditions security. For retrofitting the boiler from natural gas to liquid, and maybe back often enough to install only the nozzle. If you have planned to build a house in the distant place where good and did not reach convenience of a centralized water supply system, the right is another type of fuel for autonomous network engineering – this is a solid fuel.

Usually, this wood peat briquettes charcoal, and more. Of the benefits of this fuel is a complete independence and no need to use even in power. Of negative characteristics – just a short period of continuous burning without popping wood and the need to regularly release ash zone. There are more boilers are connected to electricity, but their use is quite expensive. Typically, electric heating boilers are used as aids in the appendage to the main unit. In any If the heating system in your home – a system of high risk and to avoid further problems, we must turn to the masters of his craft, positively pokazavschim themselves in this area. And then stay in your add your cottage just satisfaction.