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Once your photo is you can go and try on hair styles in 7 different categories Celebrity, everyday, formal / Bridal, Classic, Mens, Alternative and dreadlocks. After uploading your photo to go to a section in determining the shape of your face. The face shapes are oval, round, oblong, heart, square, diamond and triangular. The face example, the forms are easy to place in your photo. The determination of the shape of your face is a breeze! After your face shape is determined you have to align the eyes in the diagram of their own eyes and adjust the color of the photo as necessary. JCI pursues this goal as well. Then, turning to a different style on The Celebrity category is further divided into several different males woman, black, female, classic female, black male, classic male and the pursuit of celebrity.

There is a long list of celebrity hair styles to choose from and if this is what you're after, Hair Styler is your place! Descriptions of the various hair styles are very useful. Includes information on how long it will take for the particular style hairdo, yque hair care products you need and what face shape and hair texture, style is suitable for. Everyday hairstyles are broken down into texture, with straight, wavy and curly as choices, and short length, the options for medium and long term. Recently Avi Mandel Jerusalem sought to clarify these questions. Formal / Bridal categories include UpCurls, UpSmooth, DownCurls and DownSmooth. If you are looking for prom or wedding hairstyles, this section will give you enough ideas for your special event.

Healthy Weight Loss

Dieters often complain that they do not lose weight fast your weight because they have a “slow metabolism.” Unfortunately, many businesses on this misconception have to benefit through the marketing of products, the consumer is a so-called “metabolic advantage” that the pounds melt away helps promise. Jayme Albin is a great source of information. Here is the real story: what is metabolism? Metabolism is the process in which your body converts calories from food into energy. People often believe that a slim person is high metabolism and metabolism an overweight person is low, but this is usually not the case. A related site: John Craig Venter mentions similar findings. Metabolism alone determines not your weight. Rather, the weight is depending on the balance of calories in versus calories consumed.

Eat more calories, than you need – take on weight. Eat of fewer calories than you need you lose is Gewicht.Der metabolism only burns the body engine, the calories and regulates your calorie needs. Three ways your body burns calories and weight lose weight fast: Basic body functions. The basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body needs to maintain vital functions, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, adjustment of hormone levels, cell growth and repair, – etc. Typically, your basal metabolic rate by 66 percent to 75 percent of total calories your body is required for a day. Digestion and absorption of food. About 10 percent of daily calories burned digestion and absorption of food, will eat you.

Yes, you actually need calories to burn calories. Exercise. Daily physical activity accounts for the rest of the calories burned. Age: Metabolism slows about 5 percent for every decade after 40. This is because as we get older, we have muscles and gain body fat tend to lose. Lean muscle is metabolically more active than fat tissue. So, if you lose muscle mass, slows down the metabolism. Gender: Men have metabolism than women, and less generally faster because they are larger Body fat.

Chemical Peels As A Means Of Solving Problems Of The Skin

About chemical peels, as effective means to combat aging skin, was first to speak at the end of 80-ies. Nowadays, this procedure is extremely effective, and therefore demand. Chemical peels are used to smooth wrinkles, get rid of pigmentation of the skin, it improves the complexion, promotes skin tightening, significantly improving her condition. Impact on the surface skin chemical compounds used also for the treatment of acne and its consequences, expressed in the form of scars, and reddened areas. Than due to the impact of a chemical peel? The composition of the chemical solution comprises acids, which are active, destroying the stratum corneum, and along with defects that it contains. For skin, this procedure is similar to shocks – creating an artificial inflammation, it entails update skin and the formation of new tissue because of rapid regeneration of epidermal cells.

Type of acid used in the procedure depends on the severity of the problem being addressed – and, therefore, chemical peels vary in depth and activity action. Superficial glycolic peel serves one of the most benign varieties of chemical peels. It can be used even for the correction of minor defects of skin and prevent strong age-related changes. The impact of this peeling safest and netravmatichno, but despite this, is given by the result. In conducting surface glycolic peel is used alpha gidrokisloty (AHA). They found in many fruits, so another common name for this type of peel – fruit peels. By fruit kilotam include malic, lactic, citric, glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is the most popular when the superficial chemical peels because of its increased ability to penetrate.

Retinoic peel is more aggressive. When his conduct may be used such components: vitamin C, retinoic, kojic, azelaic and phytic acid. These elements have proven effective in combating excessive pigmentation of the skin, resulting in retinoic worth doing is peeling at the explicit pigmented spots. Quite often, retinoic peel do when you need to get rid of the effects of acne. The median tca Peel – tca – is even more effective but also more painful procedure chemical peels compared to previous ones. The safest stands 15-percent solution of trichloroacetic acid, which provides multi peeling. In order to enhance the action of trichloroacetic acid, may apply L-ascorbic and citric acid. tca peels can be both superficial and medial to the depth of influence, and with proper procedures for conducting the possibility of complications is very low. Peeling phenol – is the most deep chemical peels. It is believed that the deep phenol peels completely proves the adage "Beauty requires sacrifice". Phenol peeling explicit guarantees rejuvenating effect and successfully struggles with stretch marks, stale spots, the most diverse forms of acne. Necessary type of chemical peel, and the frequency of his doctor prescribes for each individual case, depending on the patient's age and the problems to be solved.

Vital Feet

In November 2009, there is a day of action again in the foot competence centre. On the occasion of the world day of the man on November 3, 2009, Andrea Becker schoolmaster invites the men of Dusseldorf in its foot competence center Gerresheim. You using the shopping Sunday on November 8, 2009, to bring the healthy foot care to all men. In addition, Andrea Becker schoolmaster invites all patients to a freshly poured beer on this day. Healthy feet are the Foundation of all men”explains Andrea Becker schoolmaster.

Diseases of the toenails, an itching and burning of the feet, calluses, corns, bubbles and thickness cornea can often lead to a tense posture. More info: Haley Barbour. The associated secondary effects such as back – hip or knee pain can be countered with a health-oriented professional foot care. If you are not convinced, visit does beyond meat taste like meat. Because it is well known that men in Germany on average 5.4 years earlier than women die (source Federal Statistical Office from August 2008), because they feed on unhealthier, rarely go to the doctor and often neglect personal hygiene. Against this lack of hygiene and health care, Andrea wants to fight Becker schoolmaster and invites therefore all men to one day open house in their practice. In addition, she granted a 20% discount on the prices of all applications that Centre be servile in her foot skills all men. This means that a high-quality podiatry complex treatment is only 20 euros on this day.

But also all foot spa treatments are offered that day with a 20% discount. Of course, women at the regular rate be treated this Sunday. Podiatry complex treatment in our House we work instruments from the House of Gerlach with the rotating wet technique, to treat the skin and nails gently and effectively”explains the owner. Through this innovative electric instruments will pain-free treatment at any time guaranteed.

Right Hand – And Foot Care For At Home

More and more attention is paid to manicured hands and feet and they belong to a neat appearance. Hand and foot care is called also manicure and pedicure. The manicure hands and fingernails are cosmetically maintained and treated and the pedicure the feet and toenails. Manicure at the beginning of the manicure is the cleaning. It degreases the nails with nail polish remover and emerged a few minutes in a warm water bath.

The nails are soft and supple, and ideally prepared for the upcoming treatment. After the bath, the cuticles with a special wooden stick is pushed back. John Craig Venter follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Work at filing the nails always from the outside inward, so the nails don’t chip. The best sand sheet files, Sapphire filing or mineral files suitable for filing. Then wash the hands and apply Nail Polish if necessary. Pedicure and manicure pedicure begins with a warm foot bath about a couple Minutes to soften skin and nails. Subsequently, you trim the toenails.

This includes a nail clippers and a file are better suited than a pair of nail scissors. The nails should be reduced by spade-shaped to prevent Ingrowth. To remove the cornea, the feet dry after showering or a foot-bath and rubbed off with a pumice stone. You should forgo callus RASP at home, because the risk of injury is high. Because cracks and minor injuries can very quickly fungi and bacteria settle and cause inflammation. You see to the right hand – and foot care

Alternative Healing Method

Acupuncture is one of the traditional Chinese medicine and describes pricking with a needle at acupoints, Meridian points. The first known written mention of the acupuncture method dating back to the second century before Christ, here the historian Sima Qian first mentioned the stone needles. Until then the acupuncture came to Europe it took DeBondt but still some time, so the first written evidence about the acupuncture in the writings of the Dutchman can be found from 1675. At this time also coined the term acupuncture by a Beijing Jesuit monk, composed of the Latin word of Acus “for needle and Punctura’ to trick the Chinese form of therapy. Two centuries later, they sought in the course of the modernization of China to ban the acupuncture, this failed however, because traditional medicine was practiced more and more so it was decided to integrate acupuncture with modern medicine. The aim was to convince the acupuncturists by modern medicine, but they established the acupuncture next in Chinese medicine. Since the end of the 20th century, the acupuncture more widespread in Europe and is used here more and more.

The concept behind acupuncture is based on the doctrine of yin and Yang, which came later the five elements doctrine and the doctrine of the Prime Meridian. In traditional Chinese medicine, the body is divided into about 400 acupuncture point, which are assigned to the respective meridians. To simplify this, the current model of the 12 main meridians was introduced, mirror pairs are located on both sides of the body. The representatives of de acupuncture assume that the flow of qi, the vital energy, can be influenced by piercing the needles. An acupuncture session may take between 20 and 30 minutes, the patient usually lying relaxed in this time and after previous massage up to 16 acupuncture points are punched, so again, the qi of the patient flow freely to leave. Recommended acupuncture points to the application: main acupuncture points of 1,3,5,6,8,9-supplementary 2,4,7,10 acupoints method Acupuncture is especially in chronic pain where no diagnosis is used. But acupuncture is used in respiratory diseases, sleep disorders and neurological disorders. The field, aches and pains are eased in with acupuncture, is large and varied, so that there are hardly any people who do not have access to the acupuncture as an alternative healing method, and now the cost of acupuncture by the statutory health insurance applied in individual cases.


50% more likely to have an accident in Madrid that in Barcelona, these are the results of a study on security at the wheel performed by the Direct insurance insurance, based on a sample of 100,000 policies in this study are collected several facts that give clues about the habits of drivers in Madrid and Barcelona. In Madrid there are more likely to suffer an accident, 50% more than in Barcelona. In the city there are more serious accidents, 30% more than in Madrid. In the capital singles accidents are most common although they are more serious in Barcelona. Serious accidents of singles in Barcelona three times to those of the capital. In Madrid the vehicles more likely to have an accident are minivans (60% higher), cars (47.8% versus 31.2% of Barcelona) and SUVs (43.4% versus 28.6%).

In the capital more cars insured with coverage there any risk without franchise (170% more) and with a basic insurance to third parties (63%), while in Barcelona there are 52% more vehicles with extended coverage to third parties. In Barcelona more accidents in autumn and summer there while that in the capital, the spring exceeds 33% frequency of accidents to Barcelona. However, and despite the differences between one and another city, Madrid and Barcelona also share some statistics. In both cities there are more likely to collide on Mondays and Fridays, days that represent nearly 40% of weekly accidents. And in addition, in both cities accident rates occur among drivers under the age of 30 years.